Monday, December 5, 2016

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#EducationalInsights is always leading the way on innovative and all around fun children's products. This year we were able to try the My First Telescope, the Design and Drill Race Car and Sophie's Seashell Escape game. I loved that I was able to find something each of my children could enjoy since they are so different in ages. My youngest just turned 2 and the boys are 6 and 8. Rarely do I find a site that has something for each of them but Educational Insights is different I can always find something each of my babies love.
We have been having family game nights on either Friday night or Saturday night so we tried out Sophie's Seashell Escape. Sierra is ahead to be 2. She already puts sentences together and was very excited to get to play with us as well during game night. Sophie's Seashell Scramble is recommended for ages 3 plus. Sierra was a little young but with my help was able to play right along with the boys. Sophie's Seashell Escape is a fun little matching game. The first one to fill up their snack mat wins. My kids sadly haven't got loosing down to well yet. so we played 3 rounds so each of them had a chance to win. They really enjoyed how simple and fun the game was.

Next, we tried out the Design and Drill Race Car. I was worried that since it was for ages 3 plus it would be too simple for the boys but it wasn't. Christian and Gavin actually worked together and designed their own race car. It is an excellent STEM teaching tool and helps with hand eye coordination. My kids had a ball!

We saved in my opinion the best for last; the My First Telescope. Of course my kids are into the moon and the stars. We tell them about the man in the moon and to wish on the stars. They have stars that glow lining their ceilings in their bedroom. The My First Telescope is sturdy and very durable. I didn't worry that the kids would break it. It actually magnifies up to ten times and is perfect for little ones. The My First Telescope is another excellent STEM teaching tool. It introduces astronomy and up close lunar exploration to the children. My kids were actually able to focus in and see the moon very clear. We had a nice night looking at the stars and moon.

Make sure when shopping for Holiday gifts this year to check out Educational Insights I highly recommend the My First Telescope. Everything we got to try was great but the My First Telescope was amazing. Also be sure to check out Educational Insights site below and to follow Educational Insights on social media so you don't miss out on their newest products. offers and discounts:


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