Monday, December 26, 2016

aGreatLife #Newest and #Best #Toys #Review 2017

Free For All received a sample to try to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own!

I am the mother of three children two sons ages 8 and 6 and one daughter age 2. I inspected the toys upon receipt and I was so pleased with the craftsmanship, details, durability, safety, and the simplicity of aGreatLife products. The toys were so versatile that they were age appropriate for all of my children. The Xylophone made magical sounds with my toddler while my 6 and 8 year old made more structured music even my mother proudly displayed her musical talents with "Mary Had a Little Lamb". Right now take advantage of free shipping on January 1st only! Start shopping now!

The Hungry Hippo Bath Tub Organizer with included letters and numbers teach my toddler to recognize the alphabet while I use them to challenge my boys imagination to make new words, play word games and make up fascinating stories with the words that they have spilled. I also include bathtub crayons to improve writing and make bath time enjoyable. All of which stores easily in the Hungry Hippo Bath Tub Organizer.

My favorite is the abacus for it is an ageless means for teaching colors, patterns, adding, subtracting and making noises. The magnets included in the abacus give my children the opportunity to learn geometric shapes, create their own puzzles, simple architecture and colors.

The boys are looking forward to the Darth Vader kite, my middle son is an avid "Star Wars fan", (December is just not kite weather in Kentucky) aGreatLife has a huge selection of large sized kites. I sit here typing this review and think of the children with computer's, electronics, cell phones, virtual reality toys etc.... I am including my entire family young and old that we were blessed to all be together this Christmas. Then I listen to someone sporadically recall a childhood memory relating to their Xylophone, abacus, letters, magnets or a toy that reminded them of aGreatLife products.

I failed to mention that all the toys I received for review have caused no clutter. aGreatLife also included simple storage for the bath in the form of the Hungry Hippo and The aGreatLife storage bin. You can purchase your own Storage Bin here. I have enjoyed this review because it has given me and my family the opportunity to remember what it was like when we played these toys. I look forward to teaching my own children that they can learn and create and to know that they have a beautiful mind. As a mother I want to take care to store these products when my children outgrow them. I want them to be passed down to my grandchildren so that they will have the opportunity to know and enjoy "A Great Life"......

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