Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer's Here Go Play!

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It's summertime! What's that mean? Time to get your kids and yourself up and outside for some interactive outdoor play! There is so much to do here in Kentucky, climb hills, fish, go on a nature walk; the possibilities are endless!
My kids really enjoy the water so I am so excited to share that they are in Florida right now catching fish and swimming in the ocean. It is truly the experience of a lifetime for them. Gavin my middle son is pictured above on the boat. Make sure to remember safety when outside life jackets if swimming, knee pads if biking, sunscreen anytime your going to be exposed to the sun. Even if it is overcast the sun is still present!
This year unplug those devices we all stay so attached at the ear to and spend time outside. When I grew up we didn't have cell phones or internet. I worry so often with my kids that with technologies huge benefits we are also losing so much. Some of my favorite memories are of catching my first butterflies and lightning bugs. So as soon as we saw the lightning bugs come out this year we hustled the kids out of the house and had them outside with us catching them. Find something you enjoyed doing outdoors as a child and share that with your kids! There is no better time to bond than over s'mores and fireflies!

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