Friday, September 4, 2015

Sands Alive Glow Review!

I received a sample for review purposes only. All opinions stated are 100 percent my own.

With all the flooding and rain here it has been a summer we mostly spent indoors. So mommy has to be more and more creative with the toys, projects and crafts so the kids stay happy, engaged and learning. Sands Alive Glow is one of the newest products in the Sands live line; my kids already love Sands Alive so I knew they would love Sands Alive Glow. I myself was skeptical if the glow would really be that prevalent and noticeable and I was surprised! I am such a kid at heart myself and enjoy the childrens toys as much as they do. Sands Alive was such a pleasant surprise I purchased 2 more sets one for my other son and one for a birthday gift. Let me show you ho it works and how much fun the kids had with Sands Alive Glow!

Sands alive glow is the original Sands Alive play sand with an added customizable glow feature. I always loved Sands Alive because it makes no real mess at all. The Sand Alive sand sticks together better than play doh in my opinion and has a much cooler texture without the yucky play doh scent. An added bonus Sands Alive sand is also bacteria free and never dries out. The only warning I have for you is never add water to it or let it get wet it will actually disintegrate and be messy and ruin the wonderful fun you can have. With Sands Alive Glow children can set their creativity free, they can mold, sketch and the use the UV light and glasses included to watch their creations glow! This is the perfect Halloween or Christmas craft. It is so simple to sculpt a pumpkin or snow man with the tools included with your child and watch that spooky pumpkin glow!

When you're ready to take your creation to the next level and make it glow, just bring it into the dark and watch it magically come to life. The kit includes two tools to transform your sand creations. The glow tool light pointer is used to sketch and doodle pen the sand. The Sand-Charging Glasses enhance the overall play experience by transforming the sand as you build and mold. Different movements cause different glow reactions, creating quite the unique sand spectacle. It is something you must try and see for yourself to believe! I captured the glow experience the best I could for you but a picture does not do Sands Alive justice (glow feature pictured below).

I love to see my children creating and learning; Sands Alive is perfect for stimulating young minds and I for one love it! No matter how long you leave it out in the open the texture does not; it doesn't dry out. I experimented with a small piece myself and left it out for 4 days and still perfect no change at all in the texture. Sands Alive offers a variety of Sands Alive items like the regular Sands Alive, Glow Volcano Kit, Sunken Castle Discovery and lots more. You can even purchase extra accessories. Take a minute to check out there products.

To purchase any Sands Alive product including Sands Alive Glow click here! Be sure to follow Sands Alive on social media below to stay up to date on all of their newest products, contests, specials and more.


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