Friday, August 28, 2015

The Kid's Guide to Dog Bite Prevention!

First let me say no one made me post this it isn't a favor to a company or anything else, I am posting this because it is valuable. Most of you who read my blog know me and my family and know my husband was recently viciously attacked by our dog of 13 years. Our dog was a pit bull chow mix but I don't think breed matters any dog can attack at anytime. We just thank god that this didn't happen to the kids or me. It would have killed anyone but my husband. Chris is 6 foot 5 and has the size to go with it.

Our dog attacked him after we had put him in the garage since there were really bad storms here that night. The next morning my husband fed him everything was fine. The door to the garage was open the entire time. When my husband went to walk out our dog walked to the door stood there looked him in the eye (my husband says at this time he knew he was in for a fight) and stared him down. Chris proceeded to walk out of the garage and the dog began his attack. He went first for my husbands throat but missed we figure due to Chris's height and the fact he was fighting him off. He then latched onto my husbands arm after he whacked our dog who we loved on the head 3 times with bolt cutters he stunned him enough to get out of the garage dog still attached to his arm gnawing away. He knocked our dog against our children's swingset and the side of the concrete blocked garage and again got him off long enough to make it to the road. From the road to the house the dog continue to gnaw his arm and attack. When I saw the scene myself all I remember is Chris skin ripping as he pulled his arm in the door and ripped the skin off that the dog was still attached to biting.

 My husband always wears a gun he has had his concealed carry for years. The night before this I had asked all the guns be taken out of the house and to his mother's next door because our oldest son 6 was getting to curious and needs to be taught more about gun safety. So on the day we would need one we were trapped in our house 2 hours waiting on police or anyone else. Most people we knew were out it was a weekend they were enjoying the day as we were ready to also that is why my husband went to let our dog out we were getting ready to leave. After 3 calls to the paramedics the police arrived 2 hours later. We had one person who we could get a hold of who cared to help that day and many others that were just too far and figured the police would make it before they did. DO NOT DEPEND ON THE POLICE OR PARAMEDICS TO SAVE YOU. THEY WILL NOT MAKE IT IN TIME. Me and my husband were both trained and had a good back ground in many different medical jobs. If not for that my husband I doubt would be here. When ambulance and police did arrive they didn't even know it was a dog attack. They were looking for a black suspect as our dog was black and I had screamed a black dog all they had heard was black. I do't know how that is?? My husband received between 200-300 stitches internal and external stitches and had 6 drainage tubes. We still do not know how much use he will have in his arm and hand but has already surpassed what doctors thought would be the best outcome. That day taught me one lesson you can not trust animals. They are just that animals; instinctive, territorial and wild. I am not afraid though and will be getting another dog just the right dog. A smaller size that can't kill me.

I want to share with you today a resource for your children to prevent dog bites Please share this with your children!



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