Friday, August 21, 2015

Staples Mail and Ship; Mail It The Easy Way!

Mail & Ship
How do you prepare for back to school with a college student? Most of us are seasoned veterans of the Kindergarten - 12 Grade back to school hustle and bustle but what about a child leaving for college? You have all the shipping to prepare for as well as preparing yourself for that child to be on their own and independent. Staples is here to help!

Staples sent us the wonderful package above to try out the staples mail and ship process. All of the items pictured above are available in Staples. The extra-cushion bubble roll is perfect for protecting valuable items that would easily be broken in the shipping process. The labels and Sharpies are amazing for addressing packages so everyone can see who its from and where it is going; best of all the $25 Gift Card. I plan to purchase extra supplies for the dorm room with this!

Staples Makes Moving and Packing Happen for College Students Leaving the Nest

Parents, Students and Well Anyone Can Ship from Staples Stores Nationwide
With Back-to-college quickly approaching; Staples is making it simple for students to move into their new dorm or off campus housing with a huge selection of moving and packing supplies. Staples stores also offer UPS service desks for easy shipping and convenient package drop off seven days a week. You o longer need to make a seperate trip to the closets postal facility to ship get all your shipping done at Staples while getting your back to school supplies. Just purchase what you need at Staples and have them ship it for you! offers some amazing tips to help make college move-in day easy:
Make a Checklist. Packing for college doesn’t have to be stressful. With the right move-in list, you'll be living like a king or queen on campus with all your must-have necessities.  
Get Your Boxes Early. Move in day has organizational disaster written all over it. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Whether you’re schlepping or shipping your room, box it up. Staples even bundles the boxes for you. Start out with an 8 pack of SmoothMove medium sized boxes. Then pick up a wardrobe box to save you the tedium of transferring your entire closet hanger by hanger. For packing ninjas, the Bankers Box SmoothMove Kraft Moving Box doesn’t even need tape—it’s magic.
Get Label Crazy. Your bathroom supplies box and late-night snack box look identical. You think you’ll remember what went where, but you won’t. Cue the labels. And if you’re shipping your boxes, you can label and ship all at once at Staples.
I know my biggest thing with Back to School is the oldest saying, "Mom I want my dorm to be cool! ".What is cool now a days? Let Staples help! Students going away to college can also find ways to personalize their space with the latest trends in dorm design and essentials, such as mini fridges, microwaves, décor and storage cubes at Staples Copy & Print Center can personalize products to create one-of-a-kind décor with custom photo canvases, photo panels, phone covers and more. I want my child to have all the best and what they need so college life is easy for them to adapt to. Staples is moms best friend for back to school!


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