Thursday, August 13, 2015

Freedom Mentor Review!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book free of charge to facilitate the review.  This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media and all views and opinions expressed above are my own.  

Most dream of owning their home for some it never becomes a reality due to so many factors; lack of money usually being the number one factor. At the age of 6 I saw my dad "flip" his first house and from there on became immersed in the word of real estate. My father purchased a house from a woman who was deceased and had kept several pets. He paid $12,000 for it and sold it within a week for $30,000 to a contractor who wanted to fix the house up who then sold it for $75,000. To me this was amazing and I always took every chance I could to go to property and house sales. My husband and I purchased our first trailer and property for less than what it is evaluated for 13 years later (a lot less). Do you want to learn how to become a real estate investor? 
Phil Pustejovsky has written an amazing book Freedom Mentor you can purchase on Amazon or even get the kindle version for free just click here! Phil explains Real Estate at the basic level and tells you how to start for free. Learn more about Phil and his approach to real estate investment here. If you are like me and love hearing what drives people Phil does an excellent job explaining how he got his start  in real estate investment and how you can to. All it really takes is an excellent work ethic and going that extra mile ( a little luck helps to in my opinion). 
Phil's book How to be a Real Estate Investor begins with Phil penniless unhappy with his degree from Vanderbilt University in mechanical engineering homeless and hopeful to make it in real estate investment to growing one of the largest real estate mentor-ship programs in the world. Phil puts the lessons in his book to use every day in training others to partner with him and mentors them in how to make it in real estate. This has allowed him to not only buy real estate in his area but all over the world opening him up to many more real estate investment opportunities. 
If you are interested in the fundamentals of real estate investment How to be a Real Estate Investor is a must read. Even if you are looking to purchase your own home this is a good solid book for anyone investing in any real estate ventures. Be sure to check out Phil himself here we could all stand to learn a little on solid real estate investment from Phil.

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Purchase or get for free on Kindle How to be a Real Estate Investor 


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