Monday, August 3, 2015

123 Kids Fun App Review! #BacktoSchool

Free For All received a sample and compensation in order to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own.

What apps do your kids play? As a mom of three I am learning more and more everyday about what apps are best for kids. I was recently introduced to 123 Kids Fun Alphabet a wonderful app from 123 Kids Fun. My sons have been playing this app for quite some time now and are really enjoying it. My boys are five and six and it is perfect for them.

123 Kids Fun Alphabet App teaches letters and small words to children. It uses fun kid friendly characters like the ant below to reinforce site words and aid in the teaching process. I would much rather my kids play an age appropriate app that teaches them in comparison to some of the apps that are targeted to kids that have really no meaning at all and no business being presented to children.

ABC Kids Fun Alphabet is perfect for on the go, long road trips, doctor's office visits when you are stuck in the waiting room or just down time at home. This is one of the apps my kids are excited to play because they call it the exception in our house. All learning apps approved by me do not count against my children's electronic time. They get one hour a day but in this case they can play as long as they want within reason as they are learning and having fun and the electronic device is the teacher. Apps like this make my job as a mommy that much easier.

My kids go back to school this week and this is the perfect app to get them ready and in the swing of things. Make sure to check out the other great apps by 123 Kids Fun Alphabet like 123 Kids Fun Flashcards, Music, and Baby Tunes. 123 Kids Fun App's offers a free "small" or sample version of each of their apps free. I love that so you ca try them out and see what works best for your child before you bu the full versions of the apps that are best for your little one. Also, 123 Kids Fun Apps are available in Android, IOS, IOS PL, Windows and MAC so finding what fits your device is easy!

Check out 123 Kids Fun App's website here and make sure you are following them on social media below also for updates and new apps.


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