Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Confessions Of A New Mommy: I Wish I'd Known Before Having a Baby

“Someday you too shall realize the pains of being a mother” said every mother
to their daughter­ only a little too late, when the ‘someday’ is now.
While  the  miracle  of  birth  and  being  a  mom  for  the  first  time  has  all  its
excitements  and  merry­making,  the  morning  sickness  and  food  cravings
included,  but  the moment  of  truth,  having  your  newborn  in  your  arms  and
suckling is an emotion quite priceless. Ye right!
Here  are  ten  things most  new moms wish  their mothers  had warned  them
about, before conceiving! Read on and we bet you would sigh and say “Yes,
that’s so my life”!

1. Forget the ‘me time’

Unless  of  course  you  are Gotti  from Growing Up Gotti, with  a  billion ­dollar
mansion and plenty of nannies around  to  care  for  the  kids,  your  life and  its
rules makes no sense  to  the  toddler  that burps and belches away  in  its crib!
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2. Sleep is luxury

Not a necessity but luxury. Yes, you have read that right and we aren’t scaring
you  to bits, but  just prepping you up  for  the  real deal when hubby  leaves  for
work  and  the  baby  watches  every  move  you  make.  Try  catching  up  on  a
power  nap  post  lunch,  and  we  would  take  a  bow.  Babies  have  their  own
schedules  to  adhere  to,  each  to  their  own  in most  cases. When  they  need
mommy, they NEED MOMMY, period! Sleep? What is that! Mommy tip
try using baby sleep music to aotthe your litte one to bed faster!

3. Gal ­pals are a thing of the past

You don’t have time for them, they don’t have time for you, it’s that simple. Not
that they are ignoring you, but your BFF’s who threw you a baby shower party
a  few months back, now know how  important  it  is  for you as a new mom  to
manage  your home and  your baby  too. They may drop by  for a moment  to
visit mommy and baby, but it is exactly at that time when the baby smiles and
stays  quiet.  The  moment  they  leave,  the  mood  swings  are  back  with  the
baby’s  tantrums once again. Try explaining  this  to  the  friend, and  she’d  say
“You are kidding me”!

4. Hungry mouth to be fed

Not  round  the  clock,  thankfully,  but  babies  need  their  nutrition  on  a  timely
basis.  Try  keeping  up with  the  schedule,  and worse  still,  try  having  a  baby
gulp  it  all  down without  a  spill. You’d  know what we  new moms  are  talking

5. A change almost every two hours

With  their verbal senses not yet developed, how would a baby say he needs
to  take  a  leak?  By  wetting  their  clothes,  diapers  and  the  crib  of  course,
catching you unaware and without a warning in most cases! Should you be in
the shower for a five minute scrub, your baby would yell out an alarm. It is now
time for the clean­up act!

6. As they grow

Now  that  they have begun  talking and walking, exploring and being  the Lara
Crofts and  Indiana Jones around  the house, mommies have  to be extra ­alert
and  sometimes  round  the  clock  supervising  the  little  ‘angels’  deeds.  You
wouldn’t want to wake up for evening tea to walls in the room full of frescoes
from stray crayons or Lassie your pooch all dolled up with your makeup, right?

7. The innumerable questions

“Why  is  the  sun  round and  yellow”,  “Why  is  the moon  so white and bright”,
“Where does daddy go every morning”,  “Why does  the dog not wear pants”
and  the many more  innocent yet a bagful of questions  from our pocketful of
sunshine­  try answering  them all and without having a migraine at  the end of

8. Growing kids shorter clothes

You just bought those cute onesies and rompers for her, and she just doesn’t
fit  in  them. Kids  grow  and  they  grow  pretty  fast. What  did  fit  her  today  and
made  her  look  cute,  wouldn’t  do  so  when  Fall  arrives.  She’s  either  put  on
weight or lost some, gained a few inches maybe or her feet have grown.

9. Fights, fights and more fights

If not with  their siblings,  its with  the neighbors children or maybe your pets.
As  kids  grow  and  turn  more  than  just  a  year  old,  they  start  marking  their
territories  in  their  own ways.  From  nasty  kiddy  brawls  (serious  for  them)  to
hand blows and fights, get ready for the doorbell to ring with a double ­in ­anger
mommy from next door wanting to have a word with you!

10. What happened to my hair and face?

We aren’t  talking about signs of stress, but  if you do  leave your makeup and
vanity box unattended and catch  forty winks; get prepared  for  the burlesque
saga to manifest later on. Your face is their canvas, period. 
Ask moms who have come out victorious and  they would  tell you a different
tale altogether. From changing nappies at wee hours of the morning to waking
up a billion  times  to  the shrill cries of  the  little one  in  their cribs,  life can be a
roller­coaster  ride  if  the husband  (partner  in  crime) doesn’t help! Sigh,  it’s a
moms life!

I love my babies more than anything but life as you know it before motherhood is no more. A whole new life with a stronger bond than you have ever known begins the love for a child is so strong!


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  1. LOL...oh those are all so good! Sleep is a luxury...yep. And all the "why" questions...we get those all the time. The questions are so funny somtimes!


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