Saturday, February 7, 2015

Baby Jack and Co. ABC Lovey Review!

Disclaimer: I received a press sample of this product in exchange for this review and post. All opinions are my own and not influenced by compensation.

Baby Jack & Company - the original Baby Jack Blankets

Sierra is wiggling her way onto the blog again she just tried Baby Jack and Co. ABC 123 Lovey. Sierra chews so much so I was happy to see her getting her hands out of her mouth and holding on to her blanket. She gets a hold of her yellow ring on the side of her lovey and chews and grins and giggles. It keeps her clothes fro ending up with drool on them also because she is chewing her blankie. I am just glad Baby Jack and Co. Lovey's wash well. I just put hers in on the gentle cycle and viola back to clean.

ABC 123 Sensory Educational Blanket
The designs are perfect for stimulating a little one. The primary colors are all represented. I also love that she is already seeing abc's and 123's I know it probably doesn't mean she will remember or is even taking the letters in but you gotta start somewhere. Right?

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  1. Really nice and the have some great designs to choose from as well


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