Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sparkup The Magical Reader Review! #Holiday Gift Guide

 Disclosure: I received the product below free of charge for review purposes all opinions are 100 percent my own. No financial compensation was received.
Sparkup - The Magical Book Reader
About Sparkup!
The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is a revolutionary device that clips directly on to any picture book and reads it aloud in your voice. You can record the book yourself, in any language, and add your own personal touches; or download professionally recorded stories, complete with sound effects, directly from the Sparkup website. While recording, Sparkup’s tiny camera takes a picture of the book’s front cover and each page. Later on, when a child connects Sparkup to the book, Sparkup immediately recognizes its front cover. Sparkup follows the child’s pace and reads aloud as he or she turns the pages – even out of order.

Why Sparkup?
Sparkup teaches a child Independence, relationships, and imagination.

How does it help with independence? 
Kids can pick a book from their “sparked up” collection and attach Sparkup whenever they choose. Kids set the pace as they turn the pages and Sparkup follows along – even out of order. Sparkup helps kids build confidence in their own reading abilities and allows them to read at their own pace.

How does it help with relationships? 
Whether grandma and grandpa live thousands of miles away, or cousin Kate is away at college, Sparkup connects families through stories anytime, anywhere. Sparkup lets children listen to their favorite books read aloud by their loved ones. Create family keepsakes that kids will cherish.

How does it help with imagination? 
Sparkup makes kids fall in love with their books – real books – by adding another dimension to the reading experience. Bring the words and pages to life with personalized recordings, sound effects and special touches that will ignite children’s imaginations and entice them to choose books over screens.

My Review! 
The Sparkup Musical Reader is amazing!!!  My children are very electronically inclined.  The Sparkup Reader teaches them both book content and electronic skills.  My children have spent hours with their Sparkup Reader and I have watched their vocabulary expand.  Sparkup Reader is small lightweight and very user friendly.  We read together and Sparkup Reader allows me the precious time I need to do my household duties such as cooking and cleaning while my child learns.  Thank You Sparkup!!!!!!
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  1. I saw these on anther sit recently. they look really cool! My son would love it!


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