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Radio Flyer Balance Bike Review! #Holiday Gift Guide

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Build-A-Balance Bike
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With three children I'm always looking for the most durable, best valued children's products because most can be passed down from one child to the next; especially bigger purchases like ride on toys, bicycles, etc. Radio Flyer is a brand my family feels very confident purchasing. Radio Flyer has perfect gifts for the holiday season. Check out all of Radio Flyer's selection of gifts on their website here. I would rather pay a little more for a Radio Flyer product than buy a knock off and have it tear up within a month or two. With Radio Flyer you know you are getting quality, durable, products that can be passed down from one child to the next.

Gavin has been having trouble learning to ride a bike. He is four years old and should be starting to ride by himself. He just wasn't picking it up though. When I saw Balance Bikes I thought that this could be our solution. Balance Bike's are recommended for ages 2 and 1/2 to 5 years old. Gavin was feeling left out when Christian his older brother and the other kids would ride their bikes. It was hurting his confidence and he was getting embarrassed to even try to ride bikes with them.

All of that has changed since Gavin got his Radio Flyer Balance Bike; now, he can ride bikes with the big boys! Gavin loves his Radio Flyer Balance Bike; not only is he gaining the confidence to ride a regular bike on his own but he is developing the balance and coordination that riding a bike takes .
Radio Flyer makes the purchase process unique in every way possible. You can actually design, customize and build your own Balance Bike now online at Radio Flyer's site. We hose to have our bike done in a wooden frame you can choose between wooden or steel frames. The wooden frame starts at $69.99 and the Steel Frame starts at $59.99. The Steel Frame looks more like a bicycle now a days and the wooden frame gives the Balance Bike that nostalgic look.
Next, you choose which color you would like pink or the classic red. Since, I was buying for Gavin I chose red but if I had been buying for a girl I would have chosen red also I just think it goes better with the wooden finish. Wheel choice was next you could choose from classic or air. We chose the classic as air was $20 higher and I just didn't see the need for the add on. Plus tires deflate often and need repaired with the classic tires this would not be a problem. The final step was choosing any customizations I wanted for Gavin's bike. I chose to add streamers (for only $5 more) and a nameplate that read Gavin (also only $5); here you could also add a ringing bell (also $5) but I chose not to as my ears ring enough with 3 kids.
The last touch was in my opinion the most personable and is great if you plan to gift the Balance Bike. The Balance Bike comes with a personalized card with child's name on it and is in the Radio Flyer signature red envelope. It creates that special unique one of a kind touch that only a personalized gift can!
To purchase from Radio Flyer this holiday season be sure to check out their online gift ideas section! Make sure to follow Radio Flyer on Social Media below for giveaways, deals and new products:

Radio Flyer is celebrating the holidays with "THE 25 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS"



  1. thank you! would love to win! entered

  2. I wish I would have known about these bikes when my kids were little! I think it is a wonderful idea!

  3. my son used a balance bike to learn how to ride, it really helped


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