Friday, December 5, 2014

Never search for coupon codes again thanks to this Max Out Checkout the ultimate chrome extension!

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Never search for coupon codes again!
How many of you followed my blog from the beginning? If you did you would know that Free For All began as a coupon, freebie, deal sharing website; in the years since we have become more of a children's/family products review site as my time for couponing became less and less and my children and family became my priority.  That being said I still save more than 50 percent on every in-store shopping trip I take! I am always on the lookout for coupons and then when I get in the store a great deal to match my coupons with.
Shopping online though is slightly different. When I am shopping in a store I have to cut, print or download my coupons in advance. When I shop online it’s totally different. I know what I want and find it, and then I go hunting for a coupon code. So it's all backwards! Finding the coupon code usually takes longer than finding the item I wanted to buy! Then more often than not the code won’t work, is expired or some other crazy issue. A bad code can ruin a bargain shoppers whole shopping experience!
As a mom of 3 I don't get much time to shop online anymore. When I do I usually have to be pretty quick; find what I want ; try to get a decent deal and get back to the kiddos. Thanks to Max Out Checkout my life just got a little easier! Max Out Checkout is an extension for the Google Chrome Web Browser that finds coupon codes for you and guess what it is FREE! Yes I said Free! I plan on using this quite a bit this holiday shopping season.

How does Max Out Checkout work?
In your toolbar you will see a little blue check. That is the Max Out Checkout extension finding savings for you! Any time I am shopping at a website that has coupon codes available now I just click the icon and it pops up all the available codes for the site I am shopping on. Then I can plug the code I want to use in to my checkout page. Viola it is that simple! Max Out Checkout will automatically popup on checkout pages if coupons or deals are available and when discount gift cards are available it will show those too! If shopping online wasn't already so convenient and easy now you can be sure you never miss another deal on your favorite online sites! Just download Max Out Checkout extension and watch the savings add up!


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  1. I actually use this and have gotten a few deals on the net. Great extension!


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