Thursday, December 4, 2014

Guylian Review! #Holiday Gift Guide

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own!

Everyone who reads my blog knows how much I love chocolate goodness; but let me tell you Guylain is not just chocolate goodness, Guylain is chocolate Heaven. Guylian “ultra-indulgent” luxurious chocolate seashells are 100% pure, silky smooth, dark and white Belgian chocolate and are filled with a rich & creamy signature hazelnut filling. The Guylian brand dates back to the late 1950’s when Guy Foubert, a passionate Belgian chocolataire married his love, Liliane, they then joined names creating Chocolaterie Guylian. Today, Guylian crafts the finest authentic Belgian Chocolate Truffles, utilizing the original handmade recipe of Guy and Liliane.  Their original signature truffle recipe is still made in small-batch copper kettles exclusively by Guylian’s Master Chocolatiers in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Check out their site to find out more

Guylian's chocolate melts in your mouth! Not only does it taste great it is packaged beautifully. Guylian is offering some delicious Holiday boxes that are ready to gift! The boxes are so exquisitely decorated and wrapped that trying to rewrap them would just be silly. Guylian makes a great Holiday Gift I love getting and gifting Guylian and it is on my wish list and is part of my gifts I am giving this year. I recommend Guylain Chocolates as part of my Holiday Gift Guide for any one looking for an amazing gift this year!
I am always amazed at the quality of Guylian's chocolates they are shaped like cute shells and seahorses; the craftsmanship was simply amazing! I loved the new Soft Caramel Truffle that Guylian just released. I am so excited to announce that Guylain has offered all of my readers a 10% discount code; simply go here to the Guylain Chocolates Online Store and type in offer code Chocolate10 to get the discount.

We were able to try the following products:
One – 22 piece marbled seahorse Signature Hazelnut Truffle, the original recipe of founders Guy & Liliane, is made by slow roasting and caramelizing fresh Mediterranean hazelnuts in small-batch copper kettles and then finely crushing and blending them with luxuriously rich & creamy Belgian milk chocolate.
One – 16 piece milk chocolate seahorse Soft Caramel Truffle, made in-house according to old tradition using open kettles that slowly let the ingredients blend to perfection. 
One – 16 piece Golden Opus Luxury Chocolates, a classic Belgian chocolate assortment
One – 11 piece individually wrapped marbled seahorse Signature Hazelnut Truffle
One -- 8 piece marbled seahorse Signature Hazelnut Truffle
One -- 8 piece seahorse Milk Chocolate Truffle, is Belgian chocolate expertise at its best with the finest Belgian milk chocolate creating a velvety smooth truffle center.
One – 8 piece milk chocolate seahorse Soft Caramel Truffle
Three -- 2 piece marbled chocolate seahorse Signature Hazelnut Truffle
One – Gift wrapped 22 piece marbled seashell Signature Hazelnut Truffle (silver)
One – Gift wrapped 16 piece Opus Luxury Chocolates classic Belgian chocolate assortment (blue)
One -- No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Bar
One --  No Sugar Added 54% Dark Chocolate Bar

I can personally say that every product listed was gift worthy. I am not a huge fan of No Sugar Added Chocolates but some need them due to food allergies etc. but Guylian's No Sugar Added Chocolate's were even good. I just prefer all the sugar you can add added to my chocolate! T purchase from Guylian go to their site now here. Make sure to Like Guylian on Facebook and to sign up for their newsletter here to receive valuable discounts and product information. DO YOU HAVE INDULGENT CHOCOLATE IMAGES YOU WANT TO SHARE? Follow Guylian on Instagram at #guylianchocolate and share in the chocolate bliss!



  1. The perfect Christmas gift. Wrapped and inside each flavored seashell is both beautiful and delicious. I love this chocolate.

  2. nothings better than the gift of chocolate


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