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Forever Simple Soy Candles Review!

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own!

Photo: 16oz Soy Candle
90-110 burn hours 

$9.50 each all BUY 1 GET 1 FREE!!

2 - lavender fields
1- cactus and sea salt
1 - pine and peel
1 - vanilla pinecone
2 - peach cobbler
1 - cinnamon red hots
2 - apple jack and peel
1 - caribe an breeze
1 - Cantaloupe and lily
2 - pink sands
2 - cranberry
2- jasmine vanilla
1 - banana nut bread
2 - banana nut bread pudding
1 - warm welcome
2 - Fujitsu apple
2 - granny cupboard
1 - sugar cookie royal
1- vanilla cake su prise
2 - pecan pumpkin waffles
1 - cherry cobbler
2 - Luna
1 - pumpkin CHEESECAKE 
1 - zucchini bread
1 - cranberry and citrus peel
1 - pumpkin spice
1 - toasted mash mellow
2 - vanilla pinecone
1 - vanilla peppermint.

As most of our readers know my family lives a GMO Free, all natural, organic, green whatever name you use lifestyle. We try to use as many recycled all natural gluten free products as we possibly can. No no one in my family has any allergies, we are not forced to live this way. IT IS OUR CHOICE! We want our children's products and ours to be as healthy as possible. So when I found Forever Simple So Candles especially with the new baby I knew we would be huge fans! I want to know the products y family uses are safe and with Forever Simple Soy Candles I can rest assured the products are safe and great! Our last review for Forever Simple Soy Candles was a while back so to refresh your memory you can read that review here. I am so glad to be able to bring you Forever Simple Soy's Christmas Collection review today.
BUY 1 get 1 free!!!

The perfect lil addition to XMAS!!! Perfect stocking stuffer too
GOATSMILK soap ...gentle for your lil ones skin...
$3.00 each or 3/$5.00...also buy 1 get 1 free!!!

Available in :
Candy cane
Grape candies
Reindeer bombs
Elf sweat
Pumpkin pie
5-pack of 2oz shots 
Add a whole or just a part to any warmer for complete fragrance satisfaction

The perfect gift for anyone...each pack will have a variety of 5 different fragrances.  The perfect gift for teachers, bus drivers, co-workers, secret SANTA...with such a great variety you will be sure to give the best....and make sure and get a few for yourself : ) 

Also buy 1pack (5shots)get 1pack free (5 shots)
$5.50 each 

Available in the following sets:
Bakery pack
Pumpkin pack
Floral pack
Variety pack
Vanilla pack
Forever Simple Soy has so many great products I m always ecstatic to get to try their review items This time we got quite a few items to try so I am going to tell you our favorites! The kids Soapsicles are my absolute favorite. I love the cute shapes they come in like Gingerbread Men, that they are made from goat's milk and the scent they come in like Pumpkin and Christmas Punch. Kids Soapsicles would make the perfect stocking stuffer and are so affordable priced at $3 each or 3 for $5. Also, be sure to ask about the new Jelly Soap for kids this super squishy soap brings fun to any bath! If you are looking for something more adult why not try the Super Scented Tarts available in many different shapes, scents and sizes, from bagged brittle to beautiful roses and scented in scents like Fruit Loops and Pumpkin Cheesecake these are sure to please even the pickiest on your list! For all of the guys out there Forever Simple Soy Candles has something for you as well, new men and womens lotion and body spray. For men they have amazing scents like Aqua Di Gio I had this put up for Chris and he asked for it because he could smell it from the closet! How amazing is that! For women scents include Sex Bomb, Coconut Lime Verbena and many more.
Photo: SUPER SCENTED TART BRITTLE ....perfect for any type of warmer...guaranteed to fill.your home with a complete fragrance satisfaction 

$4.50 each are all buy 1 get 1 free !!!
6 Oz over 2 times the amount of other company's bars 

Available in the following :
2 - vanilla sandalwood
2 - Luna
4 - fruit loops
2 - pumpkin cheesecakes
1 - apple butter strudel
4 - sugar cookie royal
2 - cherry cobbler
2 - cherry amaretto
2 - sweet pea
2 - sea minerals
2 - salty sea air
1 - orange Julius
1 - pineapple souffle
1 - pumpkin harvest
1 - citrus splash
3 - sugared spruce
2 - tinsel
2 - blueberry vanilla
2 - juicy fruit
2 - sparkling snow showers
3 - fresh coffee
2 - Brazilian coffee and sugar cane
2 - pumpkin pecan waffles
2 - warm welcome
2 - cam cam
2 - Sunday brunch
2 - cranberry citrus peel
2 - french vanilla coffee
2 - peach cranberry cider
2 - rain drops
2 - sweet. Vanilla pear
2 - Sunday brunch
3 - sex bomb
2 - cranberry orange muffins
2 - pink sands
2 - cotton candy
2 - pumpkin cheesecake
1 - strawberry champagne
1 - strawberry banana
1 - cinnamon Stix
1 - french lavender and honey
2 - lavender fields
2-pumpkin pecan waffles
2 - Christmas splendor
1 - frosted cuppa cake
2 - juicy Pomegranate
2 - harvest gathering 
2 - birthday cake

Last we tried a Pumpkin Pecan Waffle soy candle and yes I saved the best for last! This candle made my house smell amazing you could smell it even before you walked in the house. I loved it and I love that all of the wax Forever Simple Soy Candle's uses is of course soy. I think soy has such a great burn and the scent lasts a lot longer. My favorite candle I tried was the Serendipity scent. It had cute sprinkles on the top and a lovely tie around the lid. The candle in itself was so pretty and decorated so well that you would expect to see it sell in a specialty store for $50 dollars or more. Forever Simple Soy Candle's several different size candles to fit any budget. I can't wait to try the Vanilla Cake Pop Scent.

To purchase from Forever Simple Soy Candle's go to their Facebook page here. Make sure to give Forever Simple Soy Candle's a like on Facebook here also . Don't forget when shopping for the holidays stop by and check out all of Forever Simple Soy Candle's amazing products!

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