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VTECH the perfect toys for your child's Milestones Review and Giveaway!

 “The VTech product, information, and giveaway have been provided by VTech.Free For All received samples to facilitate this review all opinions are non the less 100 percent my own!”
VTech Toys
As most of you know baby Bailey number 3 was just born making me the mother of a few day old brand new baby girl, 4 and 6 year old. With all of my children I wanted to be sure that they were reaching the right milestones, growing and thriving too their full potential. I think that is every mothers goal for their children to grow up healthy and happy. VTECH now has the perfect resources for moms to learn about where their child should be functioning.

VTech’s Expert Panel and Milestones Page. The Expert Panel is compiled of six experts including, Dr. Lise Eliot, Early Childhood Mental Development Expert, who collaborated with VTech to develop the Milestones resource.The milestones are broken down by ages that range from newborn to nine years old.  Each age range is broken down by three categories of learning: Language and Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development and Physical and Motor. The categories explain different characteristics and developments that your child is faced with at a specified age and is then followed by recommended products that best cater to your child. Dr. Elliot explains more about the Expert Panel in the video below:

Right now Sierra our 1 month old is just recognizing our faces, grasping our hands with her little fingers and responding to mommy and daddy's voices. We received the Lil’ Critters Play & Dream Musical Piano™ as one of the toys the children would get to try. I loved the soft piano keys and Sierra swats her little hands at the keys. She loves the music and it is perfect for tummy time. Priced at only $24.99 the Lil' Critters Play and Dream makes the perfect gift for your little one this holiday to purchase your own piano click here.

Lil’ Critters Play & Dream Musical Piano™

(Ages 0-12 months; MSRP $24.99)
·         Learn and play music with animal friends! The Lil’ Critters Play & Dream Musical Piano by VTech has a variety of fun musical activities that engage your child on the floor or attached to the crib.
·         This soft piano features five animal piano keys that introduce music, instruments and animals.
·         The piano also includes a light-up sun that shines and flashes to the music to attract your baby’s attention.
·         Choose from two modes of play for fun learning and music activities.

Gavin is a little bit older and he loved the Roll and Surprise Animal Train and Chomp and Count Dino. KEEP IN MIND THAT AGES ON TOYS ARE MEANT TO BE A GUIDE! It isn't set in stone that your child can't play with a toy because they are a little too old. Gavin is 4 and both of these toys are recommended for up to 36 months but he loved them both. He is just learning numbers and counting so the Chomp and Go Dino is perfect for him. He is hitting all of his milestones the most prevalent ones I see are in his social and emotional categories especially in play. He has started talking to himself while playing alone (”private speech”), playing make-believe and enjoying dress-up and role playing (”mommy,” “daddy,” “teacher, ”astronaut”) and is playing cooperatively with peers and will share when asked with others. He is such a sweetheart! To purchase the Chomp and Count Dino for only $19.99 click here or the Roll and Surprise Animal Train for $15.99 click here either or both make the perfect holiday gift. Surprise a little one you love this year.
Roll & Surprise Animal Train™
(Ages 6-36 months; MSRP: $15.99)
·         Your little one will enjoy peek-a-boo fun and develop fine motor skills through turn, slide and press activities.
·         Animal friends introduce animal names, animal sounds and colors.
·         This educational toy also rewards curiosity and teaches cause and effect with pop-up surprises and 55 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.
Chomp & Count Dino™
(Ages 12-36 months; MSRP: $19.99)
·         Simply place one of the eight brightly-colored play pieces in the dino’s mouth and watch as he eats and recognizes each piece.
·         Play in either food or counting mode and the dino responds with rewarding sounds and phrases all while introducing colors, numbers, shapes and more.
·         Press the question button and kids can answer the dino’s questions to show what they’ve learned.
·         Five shape buttons help kids learn shapes and numbers, while spinning the disc on the dino’s back will play sing-along songs.
·         The dino can also be pushed or pulled by a string for even more fun melodies.

VTECH makes amazing children's products and has always been a go to for Christmas purchases and Birthday gifts. VTECH not only makes toys that are fun too play with they are also educational! VTECH are experts in play and it is amazing that they now offer insights on Milestone's and have an Expert Panel available for us their customers! To purchase from VTECH go to VTECHKIDS. To connect with VTECH on social media follow them below:




  1. I'm a big VTech fanatic and just love their toys. Actually there's a few of their toys under our tree this year for Christmas. :)

  2. The dinosaur is just too cute and fun.

  3. I really love how cute the dino is, and how it encourages healthy eating habits along with counting. I'd love to win this for our little one.

  4. Love the Dinosaur Bank! Would be perfect for both my kiddos to play with

  5. The dinosaur is adorable! These would be my little Sebastian as either Christmas or birthday presents!

  6. I think the Chomp and Count Dino is adorable and they would be for my son

  7. Congrats - Birth Of Baby Bailey! :) I think the dinosaur is the sweetest, I would gift these to my grandson, he would love them. Thank you, Paula C.

  8. My favorite toy was the Roll & Surprise Animal Train. I would love to win this for my son.

  9. I like the chomp and count dino. I have 2 grandkids that are the perfect age and one due in May.

  10. I like the Animal Train. Because it is just so cute. I would give it to a friend who is pregnant.


  11. Lil’ Critters Play & Dream Musical Piano!! I would give this to my 2 month old who is just finding her hands and feet!


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