Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time In a Box From Fox Mind Review! #2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Time In a Box from FoxMind is very special to me. Time In a Box makes the perfect gift for a special little one this holiday season. I have 2 young sons who are expecting a baby sister to be in their life in 2 days. The most precious gift I received growing up was my parents time. Time cannot be bought only freely shared and there is never enough.  I want to cherish every heartbeat of every day and never take time for granite.  Time in a box gives my children a gift I cannot buy.  It gives them memories; memories of sharing, creating, learning and loving. These gifts cannot be broken, stolen or taken away. They will remain theirs forever to be shared with friends, family and acquaintances throughout their life. I want to be sitting with my children as they tell my grandchildren about the special box they received in the mail as they hold their card with the date and relive the memory all over and over again. I have enjoyed the smiles and excitement my children have exhibited with each new experience we share. My favorite so far has been the bubbles because my children love water! We colored the bubbles, caught them, counted them, watched how high they would go, and seen who's bubble lasted the longest as we blew them at the same time.  The remaining bubbles after playing throughout the day were used for a special blue colored bubble bath that night. They laughed and played saying "I made them"! I have tried to take a picture of each project and attach it to the dated card.  This is my gift to me, memories I can keep forever........ 

Inside Time In a Box you'll find 96 activity cards that allow a child to momentarily shift your priorities and focus on doing a special activity together. Play a board game, solve a puzzle, start a family tree, make a blanket fort, visit your local fire station or carry out an act of kindness that will bring a smile to a stranger's face. A simple written agreement between you and the child sets the ground rules by which you'll both abide.
Switch off your cell phone and get ready for some quality time! Season-by-season, with these inspired activities, you'll have a wealth of ways to make memories together.
What is Time in a Box? A gift of dedicated time, an opportunity to try new things, a way to explore art and science, a chance to plan for the future and to consider the past, a way to tell a child in your life that they matter to you - more than anything!
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Time In a Box retails for $17.95 is for ages 4 plus and can be played by 1 or more players making it the perfect price gift for your children, nieces, nephews, and any special child you are buying for this holiday season. FoxMind offers many of the newest and most innovative games on the market! Check out FoxMind's entire games collection by clicking here. To purchase Time In a Box online go to now and to purchase In Store check out the store locater here. To connect further with FoxMind follow them on social media below:


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