Monday, September 29, 2014

The Baby Box Company connects with expecting mothers in crisis at Williamson Treatment Center!

There are no beautiful fountains or spas here for pregnant women to retreat to who suffer from the horrible disease of drug addiction. The picture above shows Williamson Treatment Center one of the only available options for women in West Virginia and Kentucky to receive local help. Only a handful of facilities will even take pregnant women due to the high risk of treating addiction in a pregnant patient. Williamson Treatment Center part f the CRC network goes above and beyond. Not only can pregnant patients receive the medication they need at Williamson Treatment Center to ease the baby and mom through the withdrawal process safely but they receive intensive one on one counseling, monitored bottle checks and are required to attend weekly group sessions.
Most of these women have sought treatment before and failed or have never had the money to afford treatment. Now with the new Obama Care program pregnant patients can get a lot of financial help with the Suboxone program and a decreased fee for the Methadone Maintenance Program. This makes treatment possible for so many that otherwise would never have received treatment. West Virginia and Kentucky both have some of the highest rates of drug addiction in the entire US but have less facilities; due to lack of funding.
For once these women aren't treated as outcasts or social pariah. They are just women who have an addiction that need help. The Williamson Treatment Center Pregnancy Group which I have personally been a part of for quite some time offers them the opportunity to graduate a 5 Class Program that will offer them the tools and help they need to stay sober and be productive mothers. Upon completion of the program each graduate receives (funding and donations permitted) a gift basket of baby items for their little one. 
The Baby Box Company
The Baby Box Company is one of the best baby companies I have ever worked with. They are truly a compassionate, giving, selfless company. The Baby Box Company eagerly agreed when I first mentioned my work with The Williamson Treatment Pregnancy Center that they would love to help the women and some how be a part. They donated not 1 but 5 care boxes to the women graduating the program this month and were featured at this months graduation.

Each care box included many of the products you could expect to receive if you purchase The Baby Box. Check out our review of The Baby Box Company . Some of our favorite products included in the box as samples were Avent Pacifiers, Dreft, Boogie Wipes, and Mother Love Nipple Cream. The Baby Box Company only includes the best trusted brands in baby products and also has an all natural box available for purchase. I loved the handmade touches included in the care boxes; the Baby Box Company actually put together what I call Booty Babies. They consist of a diaper body and the top and bottom of the diaper are covered with baby booties and the diaper has little eyes drawn on it making it look like a Booty Baby! They are truly darling and touched my heart! For privacy reasons the clinic doesn't allow photography (HIPPA LAWS and such) but I can tell you everyone loved their care package and were very excited to learn and find out more about The Baby Box Company.
The Classic Box from the Baby Box Company Includes:
1 X traditional Finnish-inspired baby box (length 70 cm, width 43 cm and height 27 cm) and lid designed with The Baby Box Company's current collection pattern
1 X baby mattress fitted to the baby box with waterproof cover and 100% cotton sheet
1 X lovey
2 X BPA-free pacifiers
1 X onesie 
1 X muslin swaddle blanket
1 X healthcare kit
1 X pair of socks
1 X terry cloth bib
1 X natural washcloth
1 X pair of mittens
1 X newborn cap
1 X natural burp cloth

To purchase your own Baby Box go to The Baby Box Company and use code BABYLOVE15 to receive 15 percent off your order! Make sure to check out all of the products they have and their one of a kind Baby Boxes as well as, first aid kits, fitted mattress, cotton sheets, pacifiers and swaddle blankets. Make sure to follow The Baby Box Company on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction there is help and hope reach out to Williamson Treatment Center. Schedule an appointment today or just walk in hope is a phone call away!

Williamson Treatment Center

1609 West 3rd Avenue
  Williamson, WV
     Phone: (304) 235-0026

Hours Of Operation
Monday-Friday 5am to 2:30 pm
Saturday 6am-11am
Sunday 6am-10am
Dosing Hours:
Monday-Friday 5am-1pm
Saturday 6am-9:30am
Sunday 6am-9am


Tuesday 7am Early Recovery Group
Tuesday 6 am Pregnancy/Womens Issues Group
Thursday 6 am Relapse Prevention Group
Thursday 7am Twelve Steps Group
Thursday 9am Parenting Group
Friday 6am Domestic Violence
Friday 7am Family education Group
Friday 9am Orientation Group

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