Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Smith and Vandiver Dinosaur Bubble Bath and Fizzie Review! #Toddler Gift Guide #Holiday Gift Guide

Do our kids love bath fizzies and bubble bath? My kids are always asking for something special for their bath they are used to mommy having special bath surprises put back. One of their favorites are Smith and Vandiver's Dino Fizzies. They have a huge amount of fizz and change the color of the bath to whatever color fizzie you use. The best part is their is a special little dinosaur surprise in the middle of each fizzie. Our area Wal Mart carries the fizzies but not the bubble bath so we were really excited to try both the bubble bath and dino fizzies together.
The bubble bath had a kid friendly grape scent and came in an easy to use packet. I loved that it was pre-measured with just enough for one bath; my kids tend to pour way too much in if it isn't measured. The boys had a lot of fun with their dino bubble bath and dino fizzies check out the pictures below. These re perfect for toddlers and holiday stocking stuffers. The dinosaurs are a bit small though so be careful if you have a toddler who likes to put items in their mouth. Otherwise Smith and Vandiver Dino Fizzies and Bubble Bath is a blast!
Christian holding his dinosaur find from his fizzie
Gavin holding a fizzie they feel cold in your hands and bubbly!
To order from Smith and Vandiver go to their website here.
Make sure you are following Smith and Vandiver on facebook and twitter they have great contests. Every Wednesday they do a Win It Wednesday and all of their followers have a chance to win!
Dino Fizz Apatosaurus BaseDino Fizz Tyrannosaurus BaseDino Fizz Stegosaurus Base



  1. This looks like some great fun! thanks fore sharing.

  2. This looks so cute! Kids would love it. I have some of their Orange/Vanilla body wash & it smells like Creamsicle! Yum!


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