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Kidable Adventures Little Thinker Box Review! #Toddler Gift Guide

Free For All received a sample box to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own. NO financial compensation was received!

I have reviewed many subscription boxes over the years that I have been a blogger and am a huge fan of subscription boxes especially as gifts. I feel like they are the gift that keeps on giving instead of one huge present the kids toss away; they get a subscription that comes long after Christmas. Very few boxes wow me anymore; although I like a lot of different subscription box companies most are just that what you have come to expect a few dollars over retail value if that. Kidable Adventures wowed me this week! It wasn't necessarily that the box was jam packed with high dollar value items it was the thought and the overall feel of the box my boys received.

We tried the Little Thinker Box the theme was letter B and Birds. It is absolutely perfect for homeschooling families or just moms like me who like to interact and teach their children while having fun. The box was full of activities and crafts and each activity was perfectly tailored to the letter B and Birds. Below is our box pictured before I ever started working with the kids so you can get an idea of exactly what comes in a Little Thinker Box. I will be explaining each item in the Little Thinker Box so you can see just exactly how fun the Little Thinker Box really is!

The first craft we started with was the B is for bird craft. The B is for Bird was very simply an introduction to the letter b and featured a bird built around the b shape that the children put together. It was the perfect introduction to the box and familiarized the boys with the letter B! Each craft came with easy to read and follow instructions with diagrams for smaller children who aren't readers yet. Next, was the make your own Birds Nest it was super easy and Christian and Gavin made one each as I had an extra small brown paper bag that Gavin used. With the Birds Nest activity the objective was to count the eggs and make your own addition and subtraction problems using eggs. It was the perfect craft to use and the boys really enjoyed counting their eggs they didn't even realize they were adding and subtracting.

Second we made the peacock craft and the owl hanger craft together (one Gavin made and one Christian made). Both crafts came with all the materials and were easy for the kids to do either on their own or with a minimal amount of mommies help. The peacock craft also included a cute color by number although Christian decided that he wanted to make his own colors but he did show me and tell me he knew what he was supposed to be coloring but he just wanted his peacock to be colored differently. The creativity was flowing so I figured why stifle him! The owl craft included a worksheet where you had to count how many owls you saw and circle the correct number. Next, we made our binoculars and logged what birds we saw in our observation journal. This is a great time to incorporate a little art as well.  I asked the bots to draw me the birds they saw and gave them feathers, glitter etc ( note this did not come with the box we just craft a lot and had all of the materials needed) to use when drawing and decorating what birds they saw. I think its a good lesson that you can get as much out of your Little Thinker Box as your imagination allows. It doesn't have to end when you have finished your crafts. We actually got lucky and saw the owl later that night also but it was pretty dark so I am not sure how well the kids could see. We mainly observed many local species mostly hummingbirds.  We saw quite a few birds and used the sheet that came with our kit that showed different bird species to see if we could identify any of the birds. Dad helped with identifying our different species he's pretty outdoorsy so he knew most of the ones mommy didn't. Notice how each craft is as I said sticking with the B is for Bird theme.

Our last craft was the Bird House I saved it for last because I wanted it to be the biggest surprise as it was the one I knew the boys would like best. I wanted them to practice their flashcards more before they got to do it so I made the Bird House kind of the treat at the end for practicing their flashcards which were also included in our Little Thinker Box. The flashcards we still use; they included uppercase and lower case letters as well as site words for numbers. They did need a little help with their bird house and sadly its the only picture I didn't get to take as their little cousin came over and they made the bird house with him and he wanted to take it home. My boys are very giving and they gifted their bird house to him when they all completed it together. Let me just tell you their bird house was colorful and very sparkly they really got into decorating it! Then we all set down and talked about patterns and each one did a part of the worksheet for the bird house. It was a worksheet to pick out what didn't belong in the sequence.
October's Little Thinker box will be A is for Apple and you can order at Kidable Adventures Little Thinker Box. Also, if you are like me and are bad to wait to the last minute and miss a box you can find many of the previous months Little Thinker Boxes and order boxes you may have missed or may just want extras for maybe for nieces or nephew. Grandparents this makes the perfect gift for those grandbabies teach them and surprise them with a Little Thinker Box!  Each year we get the kids a subscription box for Christmas; I feel they get so much for Christmas they can not appreciate it all and a subscription box comes all through the year. It is the gift that keeps on giving and this year the Little Thinker box will be Gavin's subscription box gift. It is perfect for his age and I think will give him a head start in school. He begins Kindergarten next year and I want him to be prepared!
I can not say enough about the Kidable Adventures Little Thinker Box as you can see we really enjoyed it! If you enjoy crafting and watching your children have fun learning purchase your Little Thinker Box from Kidable Adventure's now! Don't wait! The younger children are the faster and better they retain information the toddler years are crucial for learning!

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