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Hallmark Review! #Baby and Toddler Gift Guide

Free For all received the below samples to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received!
Growing up I can remember Christmas time every year me and my 2 sisters looked forward to getting to pick out one item from Hallmark. Hallmark had such beautiful treasures and was like a whimsical fairyland for me and my sisters. We rarely got to go anywhere that had a lot of glass items that kids could easily destroy so this was a big treat! I always picked an ornament, my middle sister a snow globe and my youngest sister was a themes person and always picked something with horses. Now me and my children share our Hallmark traditions! We only buy cards from Hallmark as they are by far the best an have the biggest selection and at Christmas we always let each of the kids pick out a special ornament. With the new baby on the way I was delighted to be able to bring the magic of Hallmark products into her life. I am sure she isn't going to be old enough to remember them but Hallmark makes keepsakes you save and keep a lifetime, when we look back on her life her baby book will be Hallmark.

The first item we tried was the Noah's Ark Three Ring Baby Book! I am in love with this baby book it has so many unique pages and follows each month of your babies growth! This memory book makes it fun and easy to keep track of baby's activities and milestones. New parents will love filling out the book's 70 themed pages with all the facts, tidbits and fun stories about the little one who they'll always want to remember. We also received the Baby's First Year's Milestone Frame it is the perfect decorative piece and is a beautiful keepsake reminder of baby's special moments. This adorable print is just waiting to be filled out with all the sweet details surrounding baby's first-year milestones. It'll look darling in the nursery hanging from its included satin ribbon. This adorable print is just waiting to be filled out with all the sweet details surrounding baby's first-year milestones. It looks darling in the nursery hanging from its included satin ribbon.

Baby's First Year Milestones Frame

• Includes 70 pages of design/editorial content, 1 pocket poly-sleeve, optional adoption pages, and optional pages for nontraditional parental relationships.
• 9.75" W x 10.75" H x 1.75" D

Framed paper print designed to record important milestones of baby's first year.
  • Can hang with included satin ribbon or saw tooth hanger on back.
  • Features glitter.
  • 10" W x 12" H x 0.25" D

  • Now on to the toys baby gets to try; first we have the Recordable Plush Photo Block. This is one of my favorites we placed pictures of Christian, Gavin, Mommy and Daddy in her cube so she always has familiar faces. I love though that the ideas are limitless for pictures you could do ABC'S and use the cube to start teaching letters or numbers. It's really unlimited the images your baby's cube could hold and as she plays she would become familiar with those images. The record option makes it easy to tell baby what the pictures she is seeing are and keeps her stimulated by your voice.

    Recordable Plush Photo Block

  • Includes three short recordings from grandma and three songs.
  • Holds three 4" x 4" photos.
  • Features a spot for grandma to sign her name.
  • 6" W x 6" H x 6" D

  • I saved the best for last! Some of you are probably most familiar with Hallmark's recordable storybooks I know I was. As a busy mom we have purchased many of Hallmark's recordable storybook for the boys for when mommy is away.  We reviewed one for baby and one for the boys and the boys absolutely loved theirs. I actually packed the baby's book in my hospital bag so this will be the first book she hears! They have so many great character books the boys book was Batman and the Fun House Jewelry Heist and the baby's is All the Ways I Love You. They have such a huge selection you are sure to find the perfect book for your little one!

    Batman and the Fun House Jewelry Heist
    Little ones will love a new kind of story where the main character chimes in with questions or choices as you read aloud. It's almost like having a real conversation with the story's star! Your child's answers will shape this Batman story each time you read it.
    • Hardcover; 24 pages.
    • 9.25” x 12.25"
    All the Ways I Love You

    Tell them how much you love them—even when you're far away—with this best-selling Recordable Storybook. Record yourself reading each page of this Hallmark original starring Big Bear and Little Bear as they show all the ways a child is loved and cared for, "quicker than a minute" and "longer than an hour." Plus, connect with Hallmark + You, to capture, create and share your original sound clips in fun and unforgettable ways. Learn more about recordable storybooks.
    • Includes USB port for accessing Hallmark + You capabilities from your PC.
    • Features Voice Save Technology®.
    • Hardcover; 16 pages.
    • 8.625" W x 10" H x 1.25" D
    No matter what you are looking for Hallmark has the perfect gift be it for baby, toddler, friend, grandma, dad or anyone you will be sure to find what you are looking for. Take a look around Hallmark I bet you find something you love! To connect with Hallmark on social media go to


    1. I love the recordable books! My brother did one for his children last Christmas as he isn't at home with them. It was the sweetest thing! The scrapbook is so cute too!! Baby memories are so important! We love Hallmark!

    2. Great review! I need to get my son one of those recordable books. I'm betting he'd love the Batman one.


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