Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bud's Best Cookies Review! Toddler Gift Guide #BACKTOSCHOOL

Free For All received samples to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own!

With school in full swing I am always looking for new snacks to pack for the kids recess. They get tired of having the same old things so I was excited when Bud's Best Cookie's sent us several different varieties of their cookies. I was easily able to spice up snack time with Bud's Best Cookies! I was super surprised at just how many different varieties they actually have! To see all the different varieties and find your favorite go to
Bud's Best Cookies started when as a boy of 12 years old, working in his aunt's bakery, Bud knew that someday he wanted to own his own cookie factory. He'd now been in the cookie business for more than fifty years.
His vision and dream of building the most modern cookie factory in the world came true in 1991. Of course, he'd seen a lot of changes over the years - from selling cookies out of a jar for a penny each, to producing over a million cookies per hour. They even offer tours through the factory on the Cookie Train, so you can see for yourself how Bud's Best Cookies are made. But, besides their delicious taste, perhaps one of the greatest things about Bud's Best Cookies is... they're bite-sized! That means they're perfect for kids of all ages. Because of Bud's commitment to give his customers the highest quality cookies at the lowest possible price, you have Bud's word:
Bud's Best is The best!
We tried many different varieties (mostly pictured above) and we all had a different favorite but all agreed on one thing; Bud's Best Cookies are great! I preferred the Lemon Crèmes they had a wonderful cookie crunch and creamy lemony filling. Chris loves peanut butter and he really enjoyed the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Christian likes Orange and it is hard to find in a cookie he was very excited to try the Orange Bite Delights. Gavin likes all sweets so he tried a little of everyone's but settled on his favorite being the Candy'n Cookies he loved the little candy covered chocolate pieces.
If you are looking for a snack that is tasty and fun try Bud's Best Cookie's. They are sure to put a smile on anyone's face big or small!
To find out more about Bud's Best Cookies and to play their fun games go to their website here To connect with Bud's Best Cookies be sure and follow them on all their social media channels below. Bud's Best has wonderful giveaways weekly they love and appreciated their fans! Don't miss out on this weeks giveaway be sure you are following!



  1. These are some really good cookies! I am a HUGE fan and they are so affordable!

  2. The Butterfinger one's look sooooo good! I will have to try them next time I go to the store. Thanks for sharing

  3. Love these Delious bite size Cookies .. Bud's Best Cookies are the BEST!!!!

  4. honestly didn't even know they had an orange cookie! that's great news and would make a really cute fall fun treat for the kids!

  5. Oh, I love these! The Lemon crèmes & the Orange Bites are my favorites!


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