Friday, August 1, 2014

Comforts for Baby Review and Giveaway! #Baby and #Toddler Must Have

I passed by the Comforts for Baby line many times in Kroger before actually purchasing; until one day they had a diaper sale I just couldn't pass up. I thought even if these aren't the best diapers for that price we can make due. I was surprised and delighted with my Comforts for Baby purchase so much so that the next time I went to Kroger I tried the Lavender Baby Shampoo and Lotion. The prices of the Comforts for Baby line were nearly 50 percent cheaper than pricey name brands and worked just as good if not better. When I began putting together The Baby and Toddler Must Haves Gift Guide I really wanted to bring you brands my family uses. Having 2 other sons ages 3 and 4, one still in training pants; Comforts for Baby was one of our go to brands.

I loved Comforts for Baby's quality, price and concern for my child's needs. Comforts for Baby uses no paraben or phthalate in their baby washes, shampoos or lotions. That way us moms don't worry about our bundles of joy being exposed to toxins that are unnecessary and may later even cause illnesses like cancer. Comforts for Baby cares and uses only top quality, safe ingredients on babies gentle skin. They also offer tear free formulas to protect their delicate eyes as well. As a mom when I am using Comforts for Baby not only do I feel like a superstar for saving my family tons of money, I feel like a supermom for choosing the best possible products I can for. my baby. Bailey Baby #3 will be using Comforts for Baby be sure to also check out Comforts for Baby Infant Formula. Comfort for Baby Infant Formula is a fraction of the price and provide the complete nutritional equivalent of pricier brands like Similac and Gerber. You don't have to break the bank to know baby has the best if you are using Comfort's for Baby!

That's not all though Comforts for Baby isn't just about babies they also have toddlers in mind as well. Comforts for Baby has everything a toddler could need including Sippy Cups, Spoons, Disposable Bowls Nite Time and Training Pants. As well as all the transition foods toddlers need to go from Infant Formula to solids like Little Meals Chicken and Stars, Little Wheels, Yogurt Bites and Strawberry Banana Cereal Bars. Gavin my 3 year old loved the Yogurt Bites and Little Wheels we had to stock up on them every week.

I loved the Comforts for Baby Training Pants with leak guards, easy-open stretch sides, absorption for day and night and graphics that fade when wet. Gavin is still in the training process. He only has to wear his training pants when he goes out, not at home as he has very few mishaps. As a precaution when he goes to preschool or long outings, car rides etc. where a bathroom may not be easily accessible he isn't quite there to wearing undies yet he still wears his Comforts for Baby Training pants. He loves the designs and knows immediately if he has had a bobble and lets you know his design is gone. The design fades when wet to let baby know they have had an accident.

We are huge Comforts for Baby fans as you can see and have personally used with our children and will continue to use Comforts for Baby products from birth to the toddler stage. To find out more about Comforts for Baby and to see all of their products including Kroger's new line of diapers Touch of Nature (which we can't wit to try with Bailey Baby #3) go to Comforts for Baby and have a look around. After you have had a look around and have found what you want go here to find a store near you that carries Comforts for Baby. Be sure to check out the coupons first to save even more Make sure to follow Comforts for Baby on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on coupons, new products and promotions. Make sure to grab your $2.00 off coupon for Comforts infant formula now! If that isn't great in itself Comforts wants to give one Free For All reader a chance to try Comforts for Baby Diapers and wipes.

One reader will win a package of Diapers and Wipes (they will do their best to get you the size you need if at all available). Just Enter Below:

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinion are 100 percent my own and no financial compensation was received!


  1. I love the diapers and wipes, and from my time using them, they work just as good with a better price.

  2. The yogurt bites are awesome!

  3. The diapers, wipes and snacks...this is a great company.

  4. I would say the training pants..getting to be that time soon!

  5. I like this product from their site; health & hygiene Lavender Sanitizer.


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