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School Zone Review!

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I can remember being so excited when mom brought home School Zone work books for me. I always got a letter book, number book, writing book, math book but only one hidden picture book. I loved the hidden picture books, so I considered them a special treat. I had to finish my other workbooks before I got the hidden picture one. It was a great incentive to get me to keep up my studies even as a small child! Of course what I didn't know as a child was that mom was being smart she was teaching me and rewarding me with a book I loved at the same time.

08670-Little Scholar
With all the new technology today School Zone is growing and evolving with so many new products and apps to fit our buy lives. They have products for toddlers to age 6 and everything from flashcards, workbooks, software to electronic gifts. I love the School Zone Little Scholar Tablet this will be our next purchase for the kids. I am thinking maybe Christian's Birthday or a combined Christmas gift.  Bursting with great content, this tablet is uniquely designed for children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade! They eevn have educational products for baby! Playful, powerful, and packed with learning, the Little Scholar Tablet will build readiness skills to last a lifetime. Kids will have a blast mastering math, reading, spelling, and more, with over 150 preloaded apps, videos, e-books, and songs. Progressive challenge combines with playful creativity. For example, both parents and kids will enjoy learning and singing 87 original, toe-tapping songs. My kids love tablets and we are very careful about what they get so I was so excited to see School Zone come out with the Little Scholar. The Little Scholar has already received the 2014 Creative Child Preferred Choice Award!

02110 -Little Thinkers Preschool02127-Bible Printing Fun!

02111-Little Thinkers Kindergarten Workbook02120-Bible Hidden Pictures!

School Zone sent us four amazing books to review. We got the Little Thinkers K (Kindergarten) and P (Pre-Kindergarten) workbooks, the Bible P-K Hidden Pictures, and the Bible Printing Fun P-K. This is the first time we have taken a serious approach to teaching our kids in the summer. Chritian has just finished headstart and Gavin will be starting headstart next year so I didn't want Christian too loose anything he had learned and wanted Gavin o begin preparing for headstart. School Zone was the perfect fit! Each book even came with a free gift; when you purchase you can join the Golden Scholar Club (details below) and get one free Biblical song download! It is easy to know the level your child is on and what they need to work on using School Zone's Workbooks. I was urprised to know Christian after a year of headstart could barely write any letters. So this is an area we are really focusing on. Gavin on the other hand is great at writing but has trouble with math he needs to work on addition skills. I love that we discovered this just by spending 15-20 minutes in the evenings sitting down at the table working through their School Zone workbooks. Just like me growing up they love the Hidden Picture books!

Redeem Free Download
The Golden Scholar Club is so wonderful to join! When you enter your free code from any participating School Zone product you will be able to instantly get started. When you register for the Golden Scholar Club you will receive special online coupons and you will receive updates on all the great products School Zone has to offer! If you are like me we shop mostly online with two kids and one on the way going out a lot is hard so the online coupon savings are very handy!

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  1. My daughter uses her workbooks that I just got from School Zone and she loves them we do one page a day in each book! She has learned a lot!

  2. Excellent write up! Any little one would be lucky to read these awesome books!

  3. I really think this would be awesome for my daughter!

  4. I remember these types of workbooks as a child in the 70s, and I loved them. It's good to see technology has let them bring the workbooks to modern kids!


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