Friday, July 25, 2014

Mint-X Trash Bags Review! Summer Must Have!

With the summer bringing out all the animals here in KY we have had 2 problems with our trash; raccoons and Norway Rats. I was so excited to finally find the solution Mint-X Trash Bags! We tried everything sprinkling pepper and even placing our garbage in the garage. The pepper didn't work and the garage got way to smelly. Mint-X is a trash bag that has a super minty scent that keeps all the rodents and rats away from you trash. IT WORKS! I found that Mint-X works for crows as well but this is just my experience. The bags themselves are super sturdy and come with lovely green drawstrings. We didn't have one bag break they are very durable. With all the summer BBQ'S and animals Mint-X is a summer must have!
Our garbage had become such a problem for us that we were at our wits end. Mint-X really helped our family. I would recommend Mint-X to anyone rodent or raccoon problem or not; these re minty fresh awesome smelling trash bags that just work great! They are also very affordable maybe even cheaper than your regular brand.
To purchase Mint-X trash bags g here and find the closest store near you Wal Mart is our closest retailer! To find out more go to Mint-X today!

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own!



  1. I had to Google "Norway rat" to find out what they were! As far as I can tell, they're just normal rats?? Anyway, this is a cool product! We have dumpsters at my apartment building so I don't worry about pests near me, but a nice minty scent would sure be nice for my kitchen!

  2. Awesome! I need some, usually buy lemon scented.

  3. Thanks for the honest review. I saw the commercial and was wondering if they work. I recommended them to a friend with a garbage problem. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  4. I live in Ky too. Dang old Opossums were always raiding our trash so I planted mint all around our cans. Spearmint and peppermint. Worked like a charm. So I will bet these bags work too!

  5. OK we have a racoon that goes through our trash and this would surely help with that problem. Never heard of this before but now going to look into it if it really works.


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