Thursday, July 10, 2014

Green Kid's Crafts #Kid's Subscription Box Review!

My kids and I recently got to try this wonderful project from Green Kid's Crafts! Green Kid's Crafts is a monthly subscription box filled with easy to do activities you and your kids can create together. The box can be purchased as a one time purchase or in different monthly subscription increments of 3, 6, or 12 months. It is reasonably priced and the different subscription levels offer for flexibility to fit your family or budget needs. This is a review of a win from a twitter party with and sponsor Green Kid's Crafts; to join in use the hashtag #Holistic Mom's. The Holistic Mom's have a twitter chat every week at 9 PM Eastern Time. Check out their blog here I really enjoy their chats. They have such great information on Holistic Living and offer giveaways from great brands like Green Kid's Crafts, Weleda and many more! 
We won one of the crafts included in their monthly subscription box!. This was the create a Bee Hive project from July's discovery box! Augusts' box will be a Green Energy Box (pictured below)!
Monthly Discovery Box
The Bee Hive craft was like making a mini pinata. My kids enjoyed mixing the glue and water. It was a very simple project and the kids really had fun. I loved that the steps were so easy to follow; it was almost fool proof. I am not very crafty but love doing crafts with the kids. This was perfect for us. After we mixed the glue and water we blew up or balloon and began to dip the yellow tissue paper to create the hive.

Once we dipped the tissue paper and carefully wrapped it around the balloon we had to allow it to dry for several hours. My kids added glitter to their glue ix because they wanted a sparkly hive. You can easily improvise on a lot of these projects and make additions that fit your kids style! After the hive dried we had to paint black stripes around the hive and make our bees. The bees were made from wrapping yellow black and white for the wings around pencils. I was surprised at how much they actually looked like little bees! We then popped the inner balloon with one of the pipe cleaners and inserted our bees into the hive. Viola the finished Bee Hive below! Super simple but very fun! Green Kid's Crafts is perfect for a wonderful set of monthly crafts for the kids.
We took our Bee Hive one step further as you can see what we created is a mini pinata. The kids filled it with candy and trinkets and when their cousin's came for a visit we actually hung the hive up and they busted it. I was worried it wouldn't hold up to the candy but it did very well! It too 7 whacks to get it popped. The Green Kid's Crafts box i all about enjoying craft time, bonding as a family, learning and creating. The projects make for a great family experience!
To purchase from Green Kid's Crafts go to Make sure you are following Green Kid's Crafts on facebook and twitter to stay up to date on their newest subscription box and discounts.
Make sure to check out the Holistic Mom's Network and join in on their next twitter party Tuesdays at 9 PM Eastern by going to and using the hashtag #HolisticMoms to join in. No RSVP required!

I received this product as part of a twitter party win all opinions are 100 percent my own. No financial compensation was received! 


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