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Dinosaur World Cave City, KY Review!

Are you looking for the perfect place to travel this summer? Try Dinosaur World in Cave City, KY it is an absolutely amazing, educational, family friendly destination. We were given the opportunity to review Dinosaur World. Dinosaur World has three locations the one we visited in Kentucky one in Texas and one in Florida. My whole family had an amazing time! Ticket Prices start at $9.28 for a child's admission online and can be purchased online here or at Dinosaur World upon arrival. I recommend adults purchase the general admission pass for $12.36/ Seniors $10.34 and purchase the children the Child's Excavation Pass for $16.91 (adult excavation passes also available). The child's excavation pass includes park admission, lucky strike gem bag for the gem excavation ad fossil dig ticket. The fossil dig and the gem mining are more for the kids so its important you bu them a ticket but not so important as an adult you get an excavation pass; a general admission ticket is perfect for an adult.
With a 4 and 5 year old and me being pregnant I was anxious that the trip would be a disaster as children are hard sometimes to entertain. My boys were amazed; there are just so many things packed into Dinosaur World that adults as well as children are engaged and immersed in the world of Dinosaurs. The 5 main parts of Dinosaur World we enjoyed included a trail filled with over 150 of the most interesting Dinosaurs, gem dig, fossil dig, dinosaur themed play land/park and a museum guided tour. The employees at Dinosaur World are so kind and inviting we were treated better than I could have ever imagined. The kids loved every second and me and Chris really enjoyed Dinosaur World as well.
The first part of the our Dinosaur World experience began with the museum. We received a wonderful guided tour by Keith. The museum is filled with fossils, actual dinosaur bones, dinosaur skeleton replicas and even Dinosaur eggs. The kids liked seeing the fossilized teeth of the sharks the most but also enjoyed guessing what skeletons they were looking at. Our guide Keith took every second he could to teach the boys which I loved. He stood in front of the posters and facts that showed the dinosaurs names and had the boys guess what dinosaur he was talking about or what skeleton we were looking at. I was impressed my boys watch a lot of Dino Dan and they got every dinosaur right except one. I didn't even know they knew as may dinosaurs a they do. At the end of the museum there is an interactive area for the kids to play different dinosaur themed matching games. My kids played games for quite some time guessing the different dinosaurs. I loved seeing their eyes light up as they learned.
The next area we went to was the trail that included over 150 life size dinosaurs. Each dinosaur included a description and most of them description were smart phone friendly. You scanned the code with your smart phone and could actually watch and learn more about each exhibit on your smart phone as you looked at the towering dinosaurs. The trail also includes a huge T-Rex that is the perfect spot for a photo op. You have to walk a little farther to get to the T-Rex but it is huge towering above the other dinosaurs on the trail and well worth the extra walk for a great photo of the kids with T-Rex. If you can imagine  dinosaur it is on the trail. We saw the Stegosaurus, Triceratops and the Velociraptors (the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park). I was surprised at how many dinosaurs there actually was.
One of the kids favorite areas was the dinosaur themed park. The park included dinosaurs the kids could climb on and even a dinosaur slide. The garbage cans were even fashioned in the form of dinosaurs. The kids played at the park until the fossil dig started.
The fossil dig was something I even enjoyed. The kids were given shovels and screens for sifting. Each child could dig through the sand to find as many fossils as they wanted to. When they were done digging they could choose their favorite 3 fossils to take home with them. Keith took time to sit with each child and help them pick their 3 best fossils and tell each of them all of the fossils they had found. My children choose to keep a shark tooth fossil, stegosaurus bone and assorted fossilized shells.
The last highlight of our Dinosaur World experience was mining for gems. This included real water and it was very hot so the kids loved getting their fingers wet finding gems. They each got a large bag of dirt to sift through, a screen to sift with, bag to place their finds in and a card detailing what they found. They found everything from crystal points, quartz, emeralds and rubies and their cards showed them how to classify their finds.
The only area we didn't get to explore was the excavation site. There was an area where a dinosaur skeletal replica was set up covered by sand and blocked off in labeled squares. The kids could actually go through and dig up a whole dinosaur square by square. It was a child friendly simulation of an actual dinosaur skeleton excavation site. The kids gave out though as little ones do and it was getting very hot. I recommend you go early and beat the heat but the whole trail is very shady. Dinosaur World has the tourist in mind from the shady location to the gift shop and all through the park every detail is perfectly thought out for an amazing family experience.
Start planning your trip today go to Dinosaur World's website  and find the location nearest you! Also be sure to follow Dinosaur World on Facebook to stay up to date on all the special offers for tickets and any special events going on. You can also book your childs next birthday party at Dinosaur World that would be a fun birthday book here! You won't want to miss the dinosaur fun Dinosaur World has in store for your family learn new and amazing facts that you never knew about dinosaurs plan your Dinosaur World trip now!

Free For All was given free tickets to facilitate this review. No financial compensation was received all opinions are 100 percent my own!


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  1. My daughter would absolutely love this. I would really like to travel to Kentucky someday!


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