Thursday, June 26, 2014

Terro Ant Bait Review and Giveaway! Cool Down with these #Summer Must Haves!


Bugs or Insects got you down this summer? We fight the ant fight every year; I can't stand knowing those pesky little critters are in my home. It drives me crazy to see an ant crawl across my stove when I am cooking. I know my house is clean and it's just life but I wasn't going to stand for this. Terro Ant Baits have saved my home. We barely see any ants and if we do it is just one here and there; not the whole colonies that were invading my home.
Terro ant baits were so easy to set up we used an outdoor and an indoor product. The indoor product you could actually see hundreds of ants crawling into the bait and dying. I loved it. Isn't it great when you can see how awesome a product works.I was amazed because we have tried many other products and nothing helped. Terro is a miracle! Check out their whole Ant Bait line here
Photo: Drink up little buddies invite all your friends. This was taken after I found a line of ants in front of my fireplace. Maybe 2 minutes after I put down a drop of Terro liquid ant bait.
This is a picture shared by a fan of how quickly Terro liquid ant bait works! They actually come in hoards and eat the bait. Most die right there so you can see how bad the infestation you have actually is. We thought we had a few turned out we had thousands.

Check out all of Terro's amazing products here from ants to spiders, bees, termites and many more they have you covered! Make sure to follow Terro on facebook they have many awesome contests and giveaways Also follow Terro on Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. They have some really neat YouTube videos.

One winner will win a Terro Ant Bait Prize Enter Below:

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received!

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