Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Titanic Attraction Pigeon Forge TN Location Review

"The Titanic" even the name could not describe the magnitude of the ship.The titans themselves seemed 
small in comparison to the size and magnitude of this great ship.  Everyone was anticipating what lay
inside the walls of this great vessel. The kids were filled with a million questions. Maybe it was having known the story or maybe it was just knowing all of the lives that were lost aboard this ship. People who dreamed of starting new lives lost everything. The devastation the Titanic caused was massive. The Titanic Museum Attraction caught my eye from the beginning I have always been interested in the Titanic.
As we reached the front we were greeted by a pleasant lady in a long black dress just like you would imagine the real Titanic staff to be.  She wore glasses and spoke with an excited and confident English accent I loved how everything was so real and true to the era. There we were greeted by the usher where we were given our boarding passes, an explanation of the handsets. The boarding passes assign you an actual person on the Titanic and at the end you find out your fate (whether your passenger lived or died). I was a 3rd class passenger and my son Gavin was a 2nd class passenger.
  I was surprised at how huge the ship actually is; just the fact that they were able to build something so huge was amazing to me! At each point on the ship you used your handset to type in a number and that number corresponded to where you were on the ship. My favorite exhibit area was the Grand Staircase of course and also the Dining Hall. The night the ship sank they were eating crab legs, fish only the best. In that time dining like this was only for the rich and more or less unheard of. Gavin loved the different inclines; that depicted the ship actually sinking. They had 3 different ship deck ends each one set at a different incline that you could climb up and experience how steep and difficult it would have been to stay on the boat and keep from falling in the icy waters. You think you could survive but we actually touched the water (at actual temperature the night the boat sank) as part of an exhibit and it is so cold you feel like a million needles are stinking in your hands. Imagine trying to swim in that water more than 2 or 3 minutes it would be nearly impossible.
                                                 Dinnerware on Titanic      (The Unsinkable) Molly Brown's                                                                                                        Granddaughter on the Grand Staircase

  At the end of the tour you see the passenger manifest all of the names are on a huge wall and labeled as to whether you lived or died. Me and Gavin 3rd and 2nd class both lived. What I took away from the living dying aspect was if you were a woman or a child a man died so you could live basically. Almost all the women and children made it but that was because the men stayed behind to give them a seat. What chivalry! I wish that still existed with men today! It is truly an experience though. I was surprised that it made me sad since I was so excited to see it but once you put yourself in the actual moment and see the lives lost and the sadness you will understand. 
 Everyone should see the Titanic Museum Attraction it is designed to accommodate all ages and offers something for everyone.We were pleased to find that wheelchairs were provided for handicapped and the elderly.  My grandmother was able to enjoy the entire tour something that she would have not been able to physically do and later in the tour an elevator took her to the second story.  I also had my 3 year old Gavin and the Titanic had so much for kids to do.  It is truly a glimpse back in time. At the end you can stop and get everyone an amazing souvenir also. They had a wonderful gift shop. Gavin bought an amazing boat and he picked Christian out a very neat scale size Titanic replica. I wish Christian had not gotten sick and could have seen the Titanic Museum Attraction to. We will definitely be going back you can't take everything in on one visit! Thank you so much for having the Bailey Family on board the Titanic Museum Attraction.

To order tickets go to Titanic Museum Attraction! Also be sure to follow the Titanic Museum Attraction on facebook the themes are always changing. When we were there Molly Brown was highlighted. Who will be next!
Free For All received free admission to facilitate the review of this amazing event/experience.


  1. Thank you for coming to see us.

  2. I want to go here! I am fascinated by the artifacts, stories, and photos of this history. Thanks for the review, I would have never knew it was out there.


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