Sunday, February 9, 2014

Zoe Natural Creations Review and Giveaway! Valentine's Day Gift Guide Reccomendation!

I am such an all natural girl and love also buying from handmade/homemade companies. Zoe Natural Creations V DAY soap is the perfect gift for that special someone. Its super affordable and very high end. Did you know Zoe Naturals was included in the Golden Globes Gift Bags. All of the celebs raved about how great Zoe Natural Creations products are. I loved my VDAY bar the scent was not strong and overpowering but succulent and sexy. My bar was just the perfect blend of fragrance and moisture to; my skin smelled nice and felt silky. Also, if you use many handmade soaps some do not lather that well Zoe's had a very nice lather. I really like to be able to see those suds. I have no idea why I guess it just reinforces to me that the soap is cleansing.
Gary and Shawna Wilkinson are Zoe Natural Creations making natural, hand crafted soaps, shea butter, body scrubs, deodorant, liquid African black soap and more! Every product they make uses 100% all natural and organic ingredients. From the base oils they use for their soaps, balms and scrubs to the ingredients chosen for color, scent and texture. They use essential oils versus fragrance oils for smell, dried herbs, dried flowers, spices and other fantastic all natural ingredients.
Make sure you are following Zoe Naturals on facebook and twitter. To purchase from Zoe Natural Creations go to
Zoe Natural Creations wants to give you a chance to try their soap. Enter below one winner will win their own bar!

Free For All recieved a VDAY soap to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100 percent my own and I was in no way influenced by receiving a free product!

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  1. I always love a good bar of soap! I am crazy about smelly good things!


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