Monday, February 24, 2014

TeetherTops Review!

If you are like me a busy mom raising little ones you are always busy and going in ten different directions. Teething is such a hard time for babies and mommy as well. TeetherTops has a solution!  TeetherTops actually are like a wrist band for a toddler or special needs child who is teething or just constantly mouthing and chewing things. TeetherTops worked really well for us. I drive myself crazy trying to keep everything clean and sanitary so the fact that TeetherTops never touched the floor was the main plus for me. I also loved that you can freeze TeetherTops. Cold is so soothing to a teething baby and stimulating in general for children. I really liked that it was inerchangeable. Kids get tired fast so just change it out just like a new toy! After about 2 weeks of use our TeetherTop had the baby spit smell. No problem because TeetherTops are machine washable. I just threw it in the wash and out it came. TeetherTops are very durable after one months use you can not even tell ours is like brand new. I would recommend TeetherTops they are very innovative and a simple smart solution for teething.
To purchase your own TeetherTop go to Make sure you are following TeetherTops on facebook to see when they are coming to a store near you!

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