Friday, February 7, 2014

Please Me Game Review! Valentine's Day Giveaway Guide Recommendation! ADULTS ONLY!

This post contains adult content please do not read unless you are 21 plus and will not be offended by post!

Here at Free For All we in no way believe in promoting indecent or "bad" content! I hope this review touches you the same way it did me. I feel that for a relationship to be happy that the lines of communication must be open and both partners must have a healthy sexual appetite. Most couples with kids like Me and Chris have a hard time finding time to be together in a sexual way. With little ones its virtually impossible to have a healthy sex life. Now that ours are 3 and 5 it is almost like Chris and I are rediscovering each other. Even though we have been together almost 14 years we experienced a "sexual drought" for lack of better words. With the sleeplessness nights and just overall stress of raising 2 little ones back top back (ours are now 3 and 5) we lost each other.
When I find a product like Please Me Game I really want to share it with you guys! Maybe you are going through some of the same things we did and Please Me Game can really help build that partner bond and help things out in the bedroom area. OR MAYBE YOU JUST WANT TO SPICE THINGS UP!
What is Please Me Game:
Please Me™ is a mature board game that promotes openness and self discovery by allowing people to explore their intimate and sensual side in a non-threatening setting.
This incredible game is designed to create an environment for exploring innocent gestures, playful teases and if you dare......any pleasure you desire!
What are the Rules of Please Me Game:
The object of the game is to get your "Gems on the Sun Dial" in one of the three winning sequences while getting Pleased along the way. When the spinner lands on your Gem, you get to play one of your Please Me™ cards on a player of choice.
Watch Out ... because if you fail to perform a Please before the timer runs out you have to remove one of your Gems!
...Oh, and remember there will be no names used, only colors and if you slip you lose your turn!

Chris and I really enjoyed the game it is not to risque but fun and it really promotes self discovery within couples. It is a great excuse to get an unwilling partner to become more open. Sometimes we just forget how import openness and communication is in a relationship!
I won to LOL!
To buy your own copy of the Please Me Game go to Make sure you are following Please Me Game on facebook as well they have great relationship posts!


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  1. Good for you.... I'm glad you posted this. Most people wouldn't have. Also the way you worded it was spot on.


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