Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mommy's Club Review

Everyone who reads my blog knows I use all natural and organic products whenever possible. I recently connected with Tim who has an aamzing Mommy Club. If you are like me you never remember to get everything you need while at the supermarket. The odds and ends you forget are one thing but when you have to make a trip out because you have no shampoo that is just a hassle. So I loved Tim's Mommy Club and couldn't wait to get started with the Mommy Club. My favorite part of the Mommy Club is that they have several bundles to choose from so that you can find the bundle that works for your family. Check out all the different bundles here. The All In Bundle may seem high but to those of us who buy all natural this is truly a bargain as one all natural product can cost 30-40 dollars. Make sure you check out the All In bundle. Make sure you check out the great household products they have as well

My kids loved the products we tried and I loved how great the products felt on our skin. I deal with dandruff in the winter and I use the baby shampoo because it is not as harsh on my hair. I loved how well it lathered! I am really excited to try more products from the Mommy Club. I love the companies values and their customer service!

To purchase from Mommy Club check out there website If you need any help making a selection Tim can guide you; he is such a great guy! Just check out Mommy Club founding member Tim here on facebook


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