Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Military Luggage Company Review and Giveaway!

Military Luggage Company met all of my expectations in quality and amazing customer service. Not only do their products work but they are adapted for anything, anyone, anytime. The 3 Day Stretch Back Pack  priced very affordably at $59.95 has everything military or ex military personnel would expect. The 3 Day Stretch Back Pack zips flat for storage and expands to fit all of my gear. In KY we have had snow on and off for the past month in upwards of 6 inches. I took this time to try out the back pack. I packed it full for an emergency bag and placed it in my car. The pack held enough first aid and necessities (food, water etc.) to actually stretch a week in a ration situation. I am turning the 3 Day Stretch Pack into my "Bug Out" bag. This is something I do not take lightly you never know when you will be faced with a survival situation. I loved that the pack comes with a lifetime warranty, has 3920 cubic volume inches for storage, parachute clasps, and a back support belt. This bag is a very comfortable hiking pack also.
The 3 Day Stretch Back Pack                                   See all of the space for storage!                           
The next product I tried was the Shave Utility Kit priced at $19.95; let me say I was impressed! The Shave Utility Kit has so many compartments it, you will have a spot for any and every toiletry product you would use. The Shave Utility Kit even includes a hanger so you can hang your shave kit up wherever you are. This would hang on a mirror in the bathroom and would be within arms reach!
See the hanger and all of the space                                      Shave Utility Kit                                                
Military Luggage Company is as great as their products. They truly consider the people who use their products, when I asked Military Luggage Company about a review; the first thing they asked was who would be doing the review. Of course this review was not my own, my husband Chris who has actual military experience reviewed these amazing products. Military Luggage Company made it clear that if their products had any flaws or defects to give an honest review and point them out. I see none and my husband looked and said he would be nit picking to point anything bad out about these products. This review is my husbands opinion with a little help from me in the writing department! Thank you Military Luggage Company for allowing Free For All to review your products and share our opinions with the world! 

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