Saturday, February 8, 2014

Crunchmaster Review!

I am always looking for healthy snack options for my family. When I tried Crunchmaster at first I wondered if the kids would like the crunch.  It is called Crunchmaster for a reason their products are definitely crunchy. But I noticed that I seemed so much more full after just eating a snack of crackers and humus dip. I think the crunchy consistency and the good ingredients kept me full a lot longer. I was very surprised that Christian and Gavin my 3 and 5 year old really enjoyed the Cheezy Crisps. We have actually began purchsing the Cheezy Crisps. I have to buy them online though. Sadly no where near me here in KY carries Crunchmaster. My favorite was the Grammy Crisps I loved dipping them in yogurt and eating a sweet yet healthy snack. It tastes kind of like Dunkaroos but much healthier.
Crunchmaster products are a nutritious choice;100% whole grain, cholesterol free, low in sodium, low in saturated fat and with 0 grams of trans fat. Best of all Crunchmaster products are Gluten Free!
Make sure you follow Crunchmaster on facebook to keep up to date on all of their newest products and contests (right now they have a recipe challenge contest).The challenge started in November and home chefs are encouraged to develop and submit recipes throughout the six-month recipe challenge. Monthly winners will receive $500 cash and runners-up will receive $250. The grand prize is $2,500!  Also to find money saving coupons for Crunchmaster go to their facebook page here. Make sure you follow Crunchmaster on twitter. To find out all of the new Crunchmaster products go to their site here.


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  1. I think Cheezy Crisps would delicious! I loved reading your review on them. It seems like a better healthier snack choice. I will look for it in stores.


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