Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cool Gear Review! Valentine's Day Gift Guide Reccomendation!

Cool Gear Inc. is one of many favorite places to review for Cool Gear if you have kids has such great items. The Snack Time E Z Freeze I have used more times than I can think of. I freeze this every night and when Christian goes to school in the morning I put his milk in the top and cereal in the bottom. He sleeps late and hates getting up he is in preschool so he eats breakfast in the car on the way. Every morning he asks where his cold cup is. The EZ Freeze Snack Time Container freezes milk if Christian drinks his milk fast and leaves a little in the bottom; it will freeze. That is how cold this container gets. It is amazing!
Gavin my little flower child loves our first Cool Gear Can he has bent his straw from chewing on it already. I love how this cup looks like and works like a can. The tab is where you drink from and actually slides to open and close for no spills or leaks! I love the hearts! This would make a great Valentine's Day gift!
Cool Gear Inc is BPA free and a company you can trust! To order from Cool Gear Inc. go to their website here. Make sure you are following Cool Gear Inc on facebook and twitter to stay up to date on all of their newest products and to enter all of their great contests. They constantly have new chances to win!

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