Monday, January 13, 2014

QI Pillow Review and Giveaway!

Bodyryzm Lifesciences / Perspectis, Inc. brings you the latest in comfort technology with the QI Pillow. Do
you experience discomfort when driving? Severe Lower back pain? I always have. Comfort and driving are now one in the same thanks to QI Pillow. QI Pillow is so easy to use just inflate and relax. I love how QI Pillow actually contours to the areas in your back that need support the most allowing you to have a truly delightful driving experience every time you turn the key. Both me and my significant other tried QI Pillow and I am petite but he is 6 foot 5 and over 300 pounds. Not only did it work great for me but he said he had a perfect drive down to Lexington (which is 2-3 hrs for us). Chris and I both have back issues him more than me. I did gymnastics all of my life (still do lol) which has caused me to have a bulging disc. Chris played football and worked in the mines and after numerous injuries has 2 slipped discs and has been told by several doctors he has bad nerve damage in his back. Sady he has little to no medical coverage and we can't afford to do much to treat any of this! QI Pillow is one of those little comforts we can afford that helps alot with pain and makes a huge difference for us. Think of how much time you spend driving for Chris it is 4 hours a day just for work for me 2 hours just getting the kids back and forth to school. That is 6 hours we can have of comfort in our lives thanks to QI Pillow! Get your QI Pillow on AMAZON OR WALGREENS.
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We love our QI Pillow and want to thank the great folks at Bodyryzm Lifesciences/Perspectis. Inc. for giving Free For All one to try free to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100 percent my own!
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  1. I'd like a Qi Pillow because I have chronic neck and back pain and from looking at their Solutions Chart, it looks like they have products to help every kinds of pain. I want the Qi pillow to put behind my back when I'm sitting there on my computer.



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