Sunday, January 26, 2014

Funbites Review and Giveaway! Valentine's Day Gift Guide Recomendation

The first time I ever saw Funbites was actually on another blog and I thought wow I wonder if that actually works and if my kids would like it. The answer after trying our own Funbites is yes! Think of all of the great food creations you could make with the Heart Shaped cutter; especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner. I am making Christian's head start class heart shaped apple snacks. They are in little bags and so simple to make just cut your apple in half and core the apple then peel and cut with the Funbites. Then if they are a little to big you can cut them in halves and make extra heart pieces as an apple half is a little longer in the center than the sides. Then place in a baggie and tie a pink or red string and tag it with a Valentine we are using You are the Apple of my Eye so simple and such a cute snack. Each baggie also includes a caramel apple dip but that is optional. Funbites is super easy to use we cut Turkey Span below for the kids. All you do is rock the Funbites back and forth over the food you are cutting pressing down firmly then use the plunger to pop out the pieces. We use ours all the time on sandwiches, fruits even eggs! Funbites has a heart triangle and square shaped cutter and is a great way to teach kids their shapes. Our Funbites has actually not made it out of the dish drainer everytime I go to put it away it seems to immediately get used the kids really enjoy the fun shapes Funbites makes their favorite foods and it is so simple that you can use it for every meal.
       Press the cutter firmly over food and rock back and forth use the included plunger to pop out the pieces
It really is that easy 2 seconds and viola hearts!
Thank you Funbites for sending us your amazing hearts cutter to try and for allowing us to give one away to our great readers! Make sure you are following Funbites on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube! Ordewr your Funbites Cutter today go to!
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