Monday, January 27, 2014

Dollie and Me (Made By Madame Alexander Dolls) Review! Valentine's Day Gift Guide Recomendation!

Is your daughter asking for a new doll? What better time than Valentine's Day to surprise her! Are you seeing those high prices and wondering how can I afford to give my daughter a nice doll. Dollie and Me is the solution! Dollie and Me is made by Madame Alexander the standard in dolls for 90 plus years and Dollie and Me is part of the Kahn Lucas family of girls' fashion brands founded in 1989 and still operating in Lancaster, PA with a proud 123 year tradition of age appropriate affordable girls fashions. You can see and feel the quality and craftsmanship in every doll and every outfit! 
My niece has been begging for a doll but there was no way I was shelling out the big bucks for an American Girl Bitty Baby so I did my research and found that Madame Alexander is the better choice. Dollie and Me are priced cheap but are an amazing value! They are equal if not a better quality doll that American Girl Dolls and are an INCREDIBLE VALUE! The Doll we chose is the Garden Party #18 Inch Dollie priced at $39.99 (imagine what you would pay for an American Girl Doll)!
.American Girl Dolls want you to start out with a Bitty Baby and then as your child grows graduate to an American Girl Doll with Dollie and Me one doll works for ages 3 plus. American Girl dolls are appropriate for age 8 plus. Who wants to buy 2 dolls that are higher priced when you can get everything from one Dollie and ME that is priced much cheaper? If you have a younger child Dollie and Me is the only way to go American Girls doesn't have any of the smaller matching outfits for your child and her dollie.  Dollie and Me goes all the way down to a 2T. We chose this beautiful Special Occasion dress it comes with one for your doll and one for your child and costs only $19.99 (pictured below); you couldn't buy a children's dress for that anymore.
Our Garden Party Dollie with Outfit
                                      The actual outfit we received one for Dollie and one for Josie

 Even if you already own an American Girl Doll you will find that Dollie and Me offers many fashions that fit American Girl Dolls or any 18 inch doll for a fraction of the cost!
Josie loved that her Dollie set up very well by itself and was a great guest at her tea party table. She loved that her Dollie and Me eyes open and closed when it was laid down. She would rock her Dollie and sing as best she could to her. She has already asked for more outfits so I see us making a purchase in the very near future! Josie is such a little Diva! She twirled in her dress and adored how her doll had the same outfit as her. Josie is 3 and she put her Dollie and Me through the mill. Let me attest to the quality once more of Dollie and Me we live in KY and there is one thing girls are here it's tough! We want to do everything the boys can do and we want to be just as rough and tough as they are! Josie's Dollie which she named Daisy because she said she loves flowers and if its a Garden Party Dollie she does to! Daisy has already been bundled up and went sledding and held up just fine! I am so glad I found Dollie and Me and can share with you guys so you can get an amazing doll at a great price for your child!

Make sure you are following Dollie and Me on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Instagram a little birdie told me they have some great contests you won't want to miss!

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Free For All received A Dollie and Me and outfit set in exchange for this review all opinions are 100 percent my own and I would never steer my readers wrong! I only review items I trust and feel are a good fit for my blog!


  1. How fun! My daughter loves dolls and I know she would love to dress like the same as her own little dollie!

  2. Love this Dollie!! Especially her accessories! The horse and doll everything is so detailed. Makes it easy for children to relate it to real life.

    1. I know I loved the horse you know horses are big here in KY so I had to share it!

  3. My daughter is wanting one so much! thank you!!

  4. Love Dollie and Me cute for all girls

  5. My niece would absolutely love these accessories!

  6. This is such a cute doll! I love the outfit! I really must get my daughter on!

  7. Love this dollie!!! My daughter needs one!!!! Thanks for the thorough review!

  8. Thanks for reviewing this doll, my daughter is a fan of American Girl and has been wanting another one. I think this one could be in the budget for her b-day! Looks like the quality of those are just want I'm looking for also!!

  9. I still have my very first Madam Alexander doll that was given to me by my grandmother when I was born. She is now over 50 years old.

  10. This is a cute doll and will make a great gift.I never know about this before until now and the price is reasonable.

  11. Madame Alexander is one of the premier names in dollmaking! I love the fact that they're affordable.

  12. These dolls are so pretty. My great niece would love a doll like this. I think it's time for Mimi (that's what she calls me) to make her a happy lil girl on her birthday.

  13. How adorable!! You also cant beat those kind of prices for a quality doll. Thanks for the review!


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