Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bella Sugar Essentials Review and Giveaway! Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

Gavin and his Lego Soap
I have never been so impressed with a small business in my entire life. Bella Sugar Essentials has the highest quality bath products I have ever seen. The scents she can mix are nothing less than amazing. When I found it she had Fruit Loop scent I was so intrigued but I wondered if it would really be Fruit Loop scented. Let me tell you she has a nose for mixing scents! Bella Sugar Essentials has captured Fruit Loops scent amazingly! That is not all we tried the Lavender Bath Bombs. At first I thought will this scent my whole tub. Before I ever even stepped in the tub I could smell the Lavender and after I towel dried I smelled Lavendery all over. The Lemon Sugar Scrub was one of my favorites. The scent was perfect not too lemony and just a little sweet. The Chocolate Mint Lip Balm Gavin grabbed as soon as he saw it. He loves lip balm I think he mainly likes to lick it off his lips. I think its so cute! There was not one product I tried that I wasn't happy with!
                            Get your pre-orders in now $15 for 2 Just in time for Valentine's Day

If it smells great Bella Sugar Essentials has it or can make it from Body Wash, Candles, Soap, Sugar Scrub, Bath Fizzies to Lip Balm get all of your orders in now! Message Bella Sugar Essentials on facebook (don't forget to like her page she has amazing contests) or shop Bella Sugar Essentials Etsy Shop.
Bella Sugar Essentials was wonderful enough to send us these wonderful items free of charge to review and the set pictured below to give one lucky fan! Wouldn't this be a perfect addition to a lovely Valentine's Day Card !Enter Now:


  1. i want to try the lotion bits! not sure which scent though-

  2. Sounds amazing hun!! TYSM for the chance! Oh...Im Lindy Bee Giordano hun :)

  3. I would like to try one of the salt scrubs!

  4. The champagne glasses would be so nice to have, I would love to try them. Actually I would love to try any of it....


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