Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tek Recon Blaster Review and Giveaway!

What's more fun than watching your 3 and 5 year old battle it out? Mine loved having epic target shooting contests with their Tek Recon Blasters! I loved watching how much fun they had. I did however make mine wear protective eyewear when shooting. It takes 2 seconds to put on them and is necessary when shooting a wayward NRG round could go anywhere. Better safe than sorry. I was amazed at the technology Tek Recon had to offer. I thought my kids were getting a toy gun. What we got was an actual online gaming experience. The live action online gaming app enhances the battling experience taking gaming to a whole new level. We connected our smartphone and the kids went wild. The app uses mobile and GPS technology to allow multi player/team battles to life! The best part about the app is it is free! My kids have had hours of fun with their Tek Recon Blasters and me and the hubby even got in on the play a little. Tek Recon wants you guys to get it on the action enter below for your chance to win a Tek Recon prize pack complete with extra ammo! Make sure to like Tek Recon on facebook and follow on twitter! Watch all the awesome Tek Recon videos on YouTube and check out Tek Recons site to buy!

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