Sunday, November 3, 2013

Roaring Spring Paper Products Review and Giveaway!

When I started buying products for back to school this year one thing I noticed was very few companies were eco friendly so I began searching for companies who offered back to school supplies that were eco friendly. I found Roaring Spring Paper Products! Not only are their products eco friendly and American Made but they are also super innovative we were given the opportunity to review the their Color Me Notebooks, Cross Over (landscape portrait and graph books), and Genesis Notebooks (made from sugar cane paper)! The Color Me notebooks were by far the kids favorite they really enjoyed that they could actually color the front of the notebook and design it with their own work! I actually enjoyed the Cross Over book the most as I like to draw a little here and there! The Genesis notebooks though were the most functional; these are actual 1, 3 and 5 subject notebooks that come in regular or colored paper that are made using the sugar cane process which I am going to explain. This is the notebook we now buy for our kids to use at school on a day to day basis. This will be what we continue to buy as well every year notebooks continue to be on our children's back to school supply list!
The process that Roaring Spring uses to make their eco friendly paper involves using sugarcane. (Actual excerpt from Roaring Paper website describing the sugarcane process) What is it? Sugarcane paper is produced from the sugarcane fibers that are the residue from the sugarcane refining process. These fibers contain cellulose. Cellulose is the basic building block used to produce most papers. The sugarcane fiber replaces the traditional wood-based fibers used to produce most papers. The resulting paper has normal brightness and a very smooth writing surface. How is it Made? The sugarcane “pulp”, or residue, that remains from the sugarcane refining process is transferred from the refiner to the paper mill. The pulp is refined and treated at the mill, in a similar way that wood pulp is used at a traditional paper mill. In some cases, a small % of wood pulp, like eucalyptus pulp, is added to the sugarcane fiber pulp. This enhances the writing surface properties of the paper. Why use Sugarcane Paper? This is the ultimate bio-sustainable solution. The fibers that remain from the sugarcane refining process have traditionally been burned, landfilled or otherwise wastefully disposed of. By converting the fibers to sugarcane paper, this not only helps to prevent environmental damage, but also uses an available resource instead of harvesting trees. Additionally, the paper provides a smooth, white writing surface for all of your note-taking needs. Roaring Spring is an amazing company give their facebook page some love and follow them here to stay up to date on all of their amazing products am so excited to say that in addition to providing us a large assortment to review that Roaring Springs Paper products has been generous enough to offer one of my readers a chance to win their own assortment of Roaring Springs Products! Just enter below:

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