Monday, November 18, 2013

123 Tracing Kid's Acadamy App Download Today!

It is so hard to find quality educational app play for kids now a days. With most apps being to violent for kids or just of little to no value to them at all! I was so excited to find 123 Tracing the new app from Kid's Academy; the app is packed full of learning! From teaching numbers to allowing children to create their own personalized profiles the app puts your child in the drivers seat! Don't worry though as Kid's Academy also gets parents involved with their parent activity tracer! You can track your child's progress with only a few clicks! See where your child needs improvement and where your child is excelling; it's that easy just a few clicks and you will know! My children are 3 and 5 and this is one amazing app for them perfect for their needs!
Kid's Academy, one of the most successful developers of apps for kids has released what might be their biggest app yet. 123 Tracing is an excellent educational app designed for younger students. This cute game helps kids trace numbers and get in the habit of writing and forming these letters that they will use the rest of their lives. The app is live and available to download via iTunes,Google Play and Amazon.
Kid's Academy is all about helping children learn verbal, writing and math skills in an easy and fun manner. Apps such as 123 Tracing and Bingo ABC have been top-50 educational apps in the App Store, and Kid’s Academy has also brought the well-known stories and nursery rhymes The Three Little Pigs and Five Little Monkeys to life with interactive apps. The simple interfaces of the apps allow children to take the reins and play on their own, but the sing-a-longs and other activities are perfect for parent or teacher engagement, as well. Research has shown that singing along with nursery rhymes has cognitive and physical benefits for children. Not only are children learning new words and the context in which to use them, but strengthening tongue and mouth muscles at an early age will help with pronunciation skills.
About Kid’s Academy Company Kids Academy is an early childhood education start-up specialized in development apps for major mobile markets: App Store, Google Play and Amazon. The rapidly growing company is bringing value through education for children aged 2 to 6 teaching kids numbers, upper- and lower- case letters, word-letter associations, phonics, and spelling, and brings them endless fun and excitement through play activities. Founded in the end of 2011 with the first application released in July 2012, Kids Academy has six nice apps and recently reached 2 million downloads. The apps developed by Kids Academy received dozens of positive reviews and were top rated by Children’s Technology and Parent Reviews. Interactive ABC by Kids Academy was featured by The Guardian in mobile tech review.
For more information, please visit Kids Acadamy website and give them a like at Kids Academy on facebook and a follow at Kids Academy on Twitter now to keep up to date with all their new apps and promotions!

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