Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Worx Toys Throttle Review!

The Throttle is one of the most interesting and unique toys I have ever reviewed! Worx Toys are not just toys they are complete teaching units! The Throttle teaches a child everything there is to a motorcycle from the suspension to the kickstand. The Throttle comes with one fully functional motorcycle and a book that has a little story with codes you punch in the throttle toy to make it do different things; like beep the horn or turn on head lights or tail lights or activate one of the 3 different drive modes!To see a videa and check out all The Throttle does go here http://worxtoys.com/?product=throttle. My kids were amazed and the codes you punch in are actually shapes triangles, squares and x's so that was an added bonus for us since my littlest has just begun mastering shapes. It was amazing to watch my children's eyes light up as they put in different sequences and watched the Throttle come to life! There are so many toys available from Worx toys from the motorcycle we tried to a space shuttle there is something for every child. To find out more go to Worx Toys and check out their whole product selection! This is definitely a recommendation for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide! I give the Throttle my seal of approval, my kids were amazed and completely engaged with this toy! To keep up with all the latest from Worx toys follow them on facebook; Worx Toys Facebook and check out their site Worx Toys!


  1. My little boy would go absolutely NUTS over this he is a motorcycle fanatic, well anything with wheels really but especially motorcycles

  2. Oh my nephew is a motorcycle NUT and he would love these.


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