Friday, October 11, 2013

Piny Pon Snow Car and Tow Doll Review!

When I received this Piny Pon Snow Car and Tow Doll I almost sent it to my sister to let her daughter play and was going to let her do a guest post review because I have 2 boys but I was surprised to see the interest my boys gave the Piny Pon Car!. Out of all the toys I was sent the Mutant Pollutants and the Nanoblocks that day this was the favorite. They enjoyed hooking the tow car on and off and hauling the skis around on the back. Then they figured out that the dolls hair and hairbows can be changed so they spent a long time fixing different styles. Then they pretended they were packing the luggage in and out of the trunk. They loved that they could open and closed the trunk and add stuff in the trunk. They loved adding the stickers it came with to decorate the car and the snowflake stickers really gave it a wonderful snowy wintery touch! My kids really surprised me here so Piny Pon is going into the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide. My children have never played with a girl toy let alone asked for one and they have girl cousins so they see and play with a lot of girls toys when they visit. This is the first toy for girls my boys have actually loved and wanted to buy more of. Here is a picture of the Piny Pon Snow Car and Tow Doll and then a picture of Christian my 5 year old playing and enjoying the car look at that big smile he has! To purchase the Piny Pon Snow Car and Tow Doll go to your local Toy R Us or online here Go to their facebook page to keep up will all their latest products Piny Pon Facebook.

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