Sunday, October 27, 2013

Little Hugs Fruit Barrels Review!

As kids I remember carrying my Little Hugs Fruit Barrel while playing outside with my friends in the hot summer sun. Can anyone else remember drinking Little Hug's as a kid? Now I am glad to carry on the Little Hug's tradition with my kids. As you may or may not know Little Hug's Fruit Barrel's has undergone many changes recently to make their drinks so much better for our kids! Each Barrel contains only 10 calories now and has 75% less sugar than many other leading fruit drinks. Also, Little Hug's has started including straws for each Barrel to make drinking on the go super easy! The next time you are shopping and deciding what to buy your kids to drink for their weekly snack's for school or lunches make the healthier choice; choose Little Hugs Fruit Barrels. Little Hug's are sure to be a hit with any age young or old they just taste great and come in some awesome variety boxes like Original, Tropical and Berry Blend. To keep up with promotions, coupons and all things Little Hugs like their facebook page here Also, check out their website at
Christian Enjoying A Little Hug and a big thanks to Little Hug's who sent several coupons to allow his head start class to enjoy Little Hug's at their Halloween Party!

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