Friday, September 27, 2013

Our LeapReader™ "Ready, Set, Read & Write" Party!

e recently had the opportunity to host a LeapReader "Ready, Set, Read and Write" party through Mom Select. We were given LeapFrog Products that included LeapReaders and several books. We could either host an at home party or an at school party. Everyone knows how big I am on my sons head start class and what little funding they get so of course we decided not to do one but both! Our at home experience with LeapReader has been amazing we kept one LeapReader and 2 books. One book was the Read Write Listen that came with our LeapReader and Get Ready For Kindergarten as Gavin will be heading off to school next year. It amazed me at how interested the LeapReader was able to keep Christian. Christian is my oldest he is 4 turning 5 next month and in headstart currently. I thought he would need a lot of help from me but that was not at all the case he took right off (we owned a LeapFrog Tag previously and I thank that helped him). He first started in on writing his Letters and Numbers in the Read Write and Listen Book. The LeapReader talks the kids through each letter step by step and each page of the book is read to the children and they receive instruction on what to do from the actual pen. You can turn the volume up or done on the LeapReader and if you are letting your child use on the go in the car they can even plug in headphones! The Leapreader has 3 modes Audio Books (reads the books basically), Music (plays little tunes when selected) and Trivia Fun (little interactive games that ask questions for the kids to answer). I then set down with Gavin to set him up with his book Getting Ready For Kindergarten he loved that he could touch the pen to the pages and get it to read the tory and he loved all the interactions each page offered. Gavin needed very little help and he is only 3. We next did some fun activities that went along with our Leapster. Since Christian was working on letters in his Read Write Listen Book he has learned AB and C and then his letter of the week letter Dd we made each letter out of Play-Doh. They loved their Leapster and had so much fun learning with it!
To purchase from Leapfrog go here Christian's Class were the lucky recipients of the other half of our pack they tried a Leapster with the Read Write Listen book included, Learn to Write Letters with Mr Pencil Writing Workbook, Talking Words Factory Writing Workbook, LeapFrog Disney-Pixar Monsters University 3D Book (with glasses for the whole class) and Talking Words Factory Flash Cards. They choose to read the Disney Pixar Monsters University book their little eyes were wide with amazement and they loved every second! They all had their little glasses on and were commenting on how much they loved it and they wanted to their parents to buy them one. We then as a class used the Leapster to work with the Talking Words Factory Flash Cards! They were all raising their hands eager to try the Leapsters next. Needless to say it was a great day for the kids and a big hit! They also got to make their letter of the week which was letter Dd with help from parent volunteers out of Play-Doh! Some of the kids commented that this was the first time they had gotten to play with play-doh! That just blows my mind and I thank god for how fortunate my family is! Our schools get little to no funding so I was delighted to share this opportunity with them! Everything I mentioned in the first sentence I was able to donate to the school and not only will my sons class benefit from this set but it is currently able to be checked out as a set by the teachers and used in any of the classrooms. This brings tears to my eyes as I am writing this. Thank you Moms Meet and Leapfrog I was honored to review these products and host this party! You have no idea how greatful our school is and how many children will benefit from your Leapster products! (The last time I checked in the library there were 22 teachers signed up on a waiting list to check out the Leapster Kit each teacher is being asked to keep it no more than 2 days until everyone gets to try it!)

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  1. Love that, I used to do so much when my girls were in Head Start. Christian seems like a smart little boy and will make a great Kindergartner.


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