Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Energy Bits Review and Giveaway!

DRUMROLL!! Now what you have all been waiting for our Energy Bits Review. I am just going to tell you when I first used bits I was a little confused you take 30 for one dose. I did as the instructions stated and I was blown away. As many know that read my blog I am a runner and have always been a huge fan of Energy Bits products! Energy bits products are derived from Algae and they are not meant to give you some big mega jolt of energy with a crash but rather just a normal amount of consistent energy! They definitely deliver. If you have tried other drinks or capsules that make you nervous or give you a crash be assured that Energy Bits is not like that! They just give you the normal amount of energy you need to have that extra boost and complete your run workout etc.  This chart also shows how Energy Bits stack up against other energy products!

Here is their page http://www.energybits.com/ (Energy Bits Website)! They offer Energy Bits, Vitality Bits, Recovery Bits and Skinny Bits? Which one can't you wait to try? I love the Energy Bits and Recovery Bits they are my got to. I also tried the Skinny Bits after my pregnancy and was a big fan of those to. These are quality made awesome products! So who is excited? Go and say hi on twitter and let them know @09jojo09 Freebie Seeeking Mom sent you! Also give them a follow here is the link to their twitter account https://twitter.com/ENERGYbits (@energybits)! A facebook like would be nice to  https://www.facebook.com/energybits Energy Bits on Facebook!

Ok now for the good part one lucky reader of my blog will win some Energy Bits! All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog with why you would love to try energy bits! It would be great if you follow my blog, and follow Energy Bits on Twitter and Facebook! I will be including all of the following info here! But to enter just leave me a comment and a way to contact you (email Facebook account link or twitter link)Keep in mind you have 48 hours to respond if you are the winner!

***a few are having trouble so I also created a facebook post her you can enter on I will combine all entries https://www.facebook.com/jobeth.butcher/posts/4777011321524 like share follow on facebook and comment!!! ****


  1. I seem to lose energy at the end of a long run and would love to try energybits

    1. make sure you are leaving contact info in case you win

  2. I've been thinking about trying Energy Bits ... this would be a great way to do so! Thanks for the review! rjschwartz21@att.net

  3. I want to try Energy Bits cuz I have a two-year-old little girl and could use all the energy I could get! ;)

    @ChaoticKarma23 on Twitter

  4. Have heard so much about Energy Bits, would love some extra energy when running. @colleenduffy on twitter

  5. I need a little extra energy to keep up with my 5 year old, 2 year old and newborn!

  6. I want to be powere by bits!

    Kim Boughton


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