Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3 Year Old who refused to buckle up kicked Off Flight?

Ok common sense hear check out this story! A 3-year-old boy who refused to use his seatbelt never got off the ground when he and his father boarded an Alaska Airlines flight at an airport in Seattle.The pilot returned to the gate at Sea-Tac Airport on Saturday and asked the father and the boy to get off. Alaska Airlines says it was a matter of safety and the pilot would rather deal with it on the ground than in mid-flight. The father, Mark Yanchak of Everett, told KIRO-FM ( ) the crew overreacted. ___ Information from: KIRO-FM, My opinion: Of course he was kicked off the flight it is just common sense that not only is this unsafe for a the pilot and crew as well as every passenger but also unsafe for the child! A child running around on a plane have some manners but also think about it they could fall and really get hurt or even worse they could outrage someone else on the plane to the point you end up with a serious confrontation on your hands(people are so easy to overreact anymore can we say air rage). I have 2 kids one 3 screams constantly to get what he wants(anyone got any suggestions for me we are trying to work on the screaming but it really is out of control) and the other is 2. I have my hands full and that is exactly wy I don't fly. If I had to I would be prepared and I know only so much can be done with a child but when it comes to your childs safety how can you say they just overreacted. Come on Dad maybe that is why he won't buckle up! Your going to have to be a little more authoratative or you are going to get trampled on me! Believe me I know I amthere right now. You want to be nice all the time but someone has to be the parent. What is your opinion post below>>>
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