Sunday, May 16, 2010

VapeWild Review!

Free For All received a sample to facilitate this review all opinions are 100 percent my own no financial compensation was received.

VapeWild is your best friend for all your vaping and quitting smoking needs! First I want to tell anyone who doesn't know what Vaping actually is:

What IS Vaping?  The actual definition of Vaping is:  “To inhale water vapor into the lungs”. My definition:  Vaping is the best way for you to finally enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes and put down those cigarettes!  It really works!
Sure, it sounds pretty innocent, doesn’t it?  So, exactly what is this vaping thing all about?  Well, Vaping with electronic cigarettes, also know as ecigs is a lot more enjoyable than smoking regular cigarettes and is totally the best idea that has come along in years!  I just can’t believe it took such a long time for someone to come up with the vaping.

Do you want to vape electronic cigarettes and quit smoking?  Have you thought about it over and over again and just can’t put down the analog cigarettes?  Well, you’re going to learn something new here!
An Ecig, also known as a electronic cigarette, is a device that usually looks, feels, acts and can even taste like a real cigarette .  It provides you with nicotine,  the act of smoking and is powered by a rechargeable battery.  Ecigs don’t actually burn any tobacco or anything else.  I use VapeWild juices for my vaping needs and love them!
I have found that this brand is the best on the market!  You get more “vape”, a stronger “throat hit”, it lasts longer and the price is very competitive. There is no actual fire only vapor! It only heats up the nicotine e-liquid, which turns it into water vapor and you then inhale it, just like a cigarette.  Believe me, it works!
This is called “Vaping”. The vapor is very similar to smoke, but it’s only water vapor.  You get the same feel as if you are actually smoking, , a real throat hit, you still are putting a device in your mouth like a cigarette and you are even blowing smoke, known as vapor, out of your mouth like a cigarette and you get your “fix”, just like a real one.

VapeWild has one of the best and largest sections on the market not only do they have regular menthol and non menthol varieties. They have it all! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner juice varieties! My favorites since I am a sweets person for vaping from VapeWild are usually their berry blends! I love the Smurf and the Fruit Hoops! Those are my two favorites! You can check out VapeWild's whole line here! You can also choose your strength of nicotine which helps you quit! VapeWild is the only thing that made me give up regular cigarettes!


Check out VapeWild and purchase below also make sure to follow VapeWild on social media below they have amazing contests all the time:


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